Cliff Bleszinski Project Sneak Peek #3

At thisrate, we should have a pretty good idea of what the game's like in, what... five years? Anyway, this here is the latest cropped piece of concept art from Cliffy B's new project, as shared on Twitter.


    oh I get it now. It's set on a planet...or possibly a moon...or a spacestation because the homeworld's been blown up...or, dammit, this is worse than Valve keeping Schtum about Freeman's shenanigans

    I'm sure these cropped images are just pictures of Cliff's desktop wallpaper.

    Maybe he's making a War of the Worlds game hehe. Lightning shoots aliumz down to earth!

      Pfft! That ain't War of the Worlds! Cylinders shot out of a giant cannon on Mars, now that's War of the Worlds!

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