Combining Precision Platforming, Cubes, And Gratuitous Cleavage

That's gratuitous cleavage or kittens. Take your pick.

On Steam's Greenlight, currently trying to collect votes is Team Shuriken's Xbox 360-exclusive Uncraft Me!, a Super Meat Boy-esque platformer with visuals (and a name) seemingly inspired by Minecraft. Also, there's backgrounds featuring large-breasted anime women.

But have no fear! Should you be too distracted by the scantily-clad women as you try to avoid spinning blades and bottomless pits, the game offers a "Kitten mode" where, instead, you get to stare at, well, kittens. Everything's better with kittens!

Additionally, should their game be Greenlit, Team Shuriken promises to deliver an improved version of the Xbox 360 version with more levels, a level editor, a smoother difficulty curve, and a bigger variety of obstacles and enemies. You can visit its project page here, or take a look at a (somewhat rough) four-level PC demo here.

Uncraft Me! [Steam Greenlight]

Team Shuriken [Official Website]

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    Looks pretty fun.. what would have been infinitely cooler though is if they did something like Mario Paper where the camera turns around corners and so on... something that seems like it would have been entirely possible with this game.

    Don't make me choose between cleavage and kittens. That's like Sophie's Choice.

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