Star Wars: Force Collection Coming September 4 To iOS And Android

Coming September 4 to iOS and Android from Konami, Star Wars: Force Collection is a free-to-play collectible card battler featuring more than 230 people, places and things drawn from episodes I through VI of the Star Wars saga. Here's hoping it isn't completely evil.


    Anyone else played the Starwars CCG? I used to collect them back in highschool, but only actually played it a handful of times. We preferred the thrill of buying booster packs to complete our sets. I remember getting the same bloody rare card three packs in a row. I was gutted...

      I used to play it back in school, but i got a husnock warship and no one would play me anymore because it was the most OP card in existance

    When I saw the headline I thought it might have had something to do with Pinball FX 2...

    I loved that CCG, I collected full sets right upto the Dagobah expansion

    I think I still have the full sets and game decks sitting in a cubboard somewhere... ah the memories

    @dnr I too wouldn't play a person that put Star Trek cards into a Star Wars deck :P

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