Story-Driven Missions Coming To Command & Conquer In 2014

Command & Conquer: Episodic, story-driven missions will be coming to Command & Conquer next year, Victory Games said on stage today at Gamescom. The missions may be played alone or cooperatively.


    'Ew, what?' was my first thought too, so I did some googling. I don't think that's the title, just editorial heading comment. Looks like it's just being called 'Command & Conquer'.

    Seems to be taking its cues from C&C Generals. Future politics are EU, APA (Asia-Pacific Alliance - mostly China) and new mystery upstart 'global liberation army' rebel army with mysteriously high tech/funding - pre-Nod/GDI.

    The real question is: Will there be cheesy b-grade cut scenes?!?

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