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Despite my flat being flooded and some serious jetlag, it's been great being back in the Kotaku hotseat. Porridge was eat, gozlemes were consumed and all was right with the world. Now it's time for the final post of the week — welcome to Community Kudos!

A good Kudos post is a juggling act — do I write the nominations in order or do I try and create some sort of epic 'nom narrative'. Mostly it's a mixture of both and also me just making everything up as I go along.

Let's start at the beginning.

It's Monday, 7.26pm. I'm eating my dinner, sipping on a big ol' glass of milk. An email approaches.

D.C. This week I'd like to nominate @freezespreston, a damn good guy at the best of times but a guy also responsible for two meats in the course of two days. @mythamphetamine's in town from Groote Eylandt and not only is Freeze letting the guy crash at his house, he's also showing him the sights and sounds.
I'd also like to nominate Brisbane TAYbie @transientmind for attending his first meat. What a cool guy! Hope you attend more, my friend!
Finally, I nominate my pal @sughly. He's awesome. Search your heart, Serrels. You know it's true.

I don't need to search my heart. Sughly is written on my heart. He's written in the fabric of my soul.

Freeze seemed to get a fair few noms. He's a generous guy. Generous guys tend to get noms.

Aleph-Null I may not post in TAY all that often any more, though wanted to drop a nom-bomb for Uncle Freeze (@freezespreston) for housing me for a week thus far. It's more than I could ever ask for.
...err, aside from the fact that I asked him if I could stay for two weeks. Either way, he and his family have done a standup job of tolerating my presence, and I truly feel blessed. So yeah, huge 'thank you' noms to Freeze!

So yeah — Good Guy Freeze strikes again.

I've written this a million times before, but I really like it when a new guy/girl in the community gets a slathering of nom love. It reminds me that even though this community is tight knit, it's still welcoming — and that's awesome. This week it seemed like everyone was really impressed with this Transientmind person!

Beavwa Quick nom: Transientmind. Absolutely tearing it up in the well thought out, detailed responses in some of the discussions I've seen going on this week.

Transientmind was also mentioned in Ser Nobulus' mega noms...

Ser Nobulus How goes you this fine morning? I thought I would do something different today and actually send in some of my community kudos thingies. I have a few;
First up is ... How do you say his name? A-something-something ... He is visiting Queensland this week ... Ahh screw it, forget that guy.
Wait, what was I doing? Oh right, community kudos. Seeing as the first one doesn't count my first kudo's nom will go to Transient Mind! For showing up for his first Brisbane meat. Super cool and calm guy, I envy his calmness!
Next up is Beardy for giving me his Fire Emblem art book because he didn't want it! Such a cool guy!
I want to finish up with a super nom! My super nom goes to FatShady! That guy's a cool fella but the main reason I'm SUPER nomming him is because of this tweet! (
Okay, that's about it. I'm sure these is something else but I just cannot remember!

You may have also noticed that FatShady was nominated in Ser Nobulus' barrage of noms. That was a common theme this week.

It all started with a tweet...

Almost immediately afterwards I received this...

The came the nom deluge...

beardymcmuttonchops I don't think anyone deserves Community Kudos as much as Fatshady.

Sean S ok then. NOMS.
seriously the best thing I've heard of someone doing in a while, & he deserves kudos for being that kind / awesome.

It was a cool thing to do, but that's FatShady. It's what he does.

Okay time for some more noms that didn't quite fit into today's nom narrative/

AlexPants I'm sending this email from my desk at work. Well, not my desk, it's a temporary desk. I hope I get my own desk eventually...
Anyway, I wouldn't be able to do this right now if good ol' Doc What hadn't helped me out, so major kudos to him, you know? Its difficult to say how much you can appreciate someone doing that for you. I have a lunch break buddy!

Wait, I knew you got a new job AlexPants — but are you and Doc What working in the same place? If so, that's cool.

Red Artifice First, welcome back! Hope the house is getting de-moulded rapidly and comprehensively.
My Nomination is for Lucifer9783, for the weekly TAYlist. It's a fun Thursday exercise, even if we don't get to hear what goes over the radio in Whyalla.

Thanks man — things are moving along in the apartment. Carpet has been lifted and we can actually live there again!

Scree I would like to nominate @negativezero for being considerate with his comments. I would like to also nominate @gorzilla and @sernobulus for helping me with my cosplay. Extra nom to Gorzy for buying my wig and express delivering it for me. Super helpful!

And finally... Welbot dropped in with his patented STOP PRESS NOMS.

Welbot My nom this week goes to Aleph! Or @mythamphetamine.. whatever name.. same awesome dood though! Why him? Well, on Wednesday, he stopped in at my place to say hi! How super awesome! Shall be seeing him again this weekend at the meat, but was great to meet him at long last J He totally didn’t have to stop by, but he did, and that nabs my Kudos!

Alright, that about wraps things up for this week! Have a good weekend everyone! And congrats to FatShady for winning this week's Community Kudos!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.



      Wait...who won?


        (is it easier to understand in #Jimunese? :D)

          Swear that text was missing on my phone....odd.

    I want to tell you how awesome you are, @fatshady, but I don't think you did that in order to have your peers heap praise on you.

    Instead I'm going to thank you for proving the strength and beauty of the human spirit.

    Last edited 09/08/13 5:30 pm


        I've spent the week restraining myself from punching some goon in his stupid grinning face. Let me have this.

          Go nuts.

            DoN'T mInd iF I dooooOOOOooooOO


    Whoa! I totally missed that Tweet. Awesome stuff, man. Well deserved :)!

    Woooooo! Way to go Fatshady, so damn kind. Like crazy kind. D:

    Congrats to the other nominees as well!

      Thanks deeceeeee, your nom alone made my night a bit more special ^^

      And @fatshadylive, you beautiful man you. Its one of those things you hear of people doing, and expect it to be done, but never do it yourself. You goddamn beautiful human being you.

      Last edited 09/08/13 6:14 pm

    This seems pointless.

      Mostly because you've missed the point.

        Sorry.. Maybe after twenty. Fucking. Thousand. Fucking. Posts. It qill make sense.

        no but seriously you should probably develop a new hobby.

          Do I detect the hint* of jealousy in this post?

          *overwhelming stench

    There is much love. And I was impressed with Bris-TAYbies. Everyone seemed pretty cool to me, was good seeing so many again at the Chinese place for hot-pot.

    Grats to nom-inees.
    You would think you could almost make a word out of that. 'nominees'. People who get noms...

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