Crowd Control Is A Real MMO Problem, And WildStar Has The Solution

Maybe there is something to this whole WildStar being subscription-based MMO thing. Every time I turn around, the folks at Carbine Studios are rolling out some incredibly fresh idea, like a "Disarm" skill that makes you have to run after your weapon. It's sorcery! Let's see how the game handles other annoying forms of crowd control.

Some of these might not be a big deal to traditional gamers, but in the MMO space some of this is revolutionary, or at least fresh enough that I've never seen it all together in one place. It can keep its number two most exciting spot.


    I can just imagine these things causing all sorts of problems in most MMO raids/dungeons lol
    "WTF, why did you bring the boss over here?"
    "Dropped my sword.."

    Assuming the encounters are designed around it though they could be really fun

      I would love to see an MMO that shakes up the raid numbers. If more unpredictable variables could come into play that mess with the whole maths of hardcore raiding, it would be so much more exciting, knowing that every boss encounter would rely on both your skill and wit, not just your preparation.

      If anything, at least it'll piss off those snarky raid leaders.

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        Yeah I would def like to see it become a bit more skill based rather than maths based... adding a little bit of random to the mix would be a good start!

    I began to type out the disclaimer slides and got to the fifth before saying f*** that. You can find them here:

      As always, I DID copy out the disclaimer.

      And I left out two godamn pages compared to that link. Damn you, quiz_b.
      I thought I was being useful. :(

    I have no interest in going back to playing MMOs, but Wildstar is making it incredibly difficult to keep that resolution. They really seem to be concentrating on eliminating all the things that turned me off MMOs in the first place, while introducing some of my favourite mechanics from other games.

    Fresh ideas in MMO's? What are these guys, wizards?!

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