Crytek Notices 'Suspicious Activity', Shuts Down A Bunch Of Its Websites

Visitors who recently tried navigating to Crytek's official website or would have found themselves presented with the above, ominous message. It appears that several sites operated by the developer were hit with "suspicious activity", which may have been the results of hackers poking around behind the scenes.

Users of Crytek's various websites were apparently greeted by the following email, as Blue's News reports:

We recently became aware of suspicious activity relating to some of Crytek's websites, and acted quickly to take those websites offline for security reasons.

The sites listed below are currently offline:


The following Crytek sites remain online and are not affected by these issues:


If you have an account at or, you will be asked to change your password next time you log in. If you use your current password anywhere else online, we would also suggest that you reset it at those sites.

We are working on getting all websites fully operational again as soon as possible. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

As of the time of writing, the first four sites listed remain offline. Unfortunately, no additional details are available as to the extent of the breach or what material was compromised, though I expect Crytek will do its due diligence and provide an explanation once its investigation is complete (and borders re-secured).

Crytek Sites Breached [Blue's News]


    The Charybdis have escaped quarantine.


    Maybe they released the apha seph..... Also am i they the only guy having trouble veiwing kotaku on mobile? Pics not loading ect

    Someone forgot there password and tried to log in and got it wrong 3 times

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