Finally! Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark

Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!

Earlier this morning, Blizzard revealed the first expansion for Diablo III with a cinematic trailer and some gameplay action. Breaking these two videos down into GIF format, we could easily jump to the conclusion that we finally might see a return to the dark, classic, trademark Diablo theme.

Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom that you see just below, is terrifying. Much more than the previous Diablo III bosses.

Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!
Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!
Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!
Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!
Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!
Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!


    *sigh* Goddammit. I'm in.

      I believe that's the general consensus... Damn that blizzard art detail!

        They do have a history of making their products better with expansions don't they...

          Tell that to the WoW people when Mists of Pandaria came out.
          I, for one, liked MoP. I mean, I've never played WoW or had any intention to, but pandas! All games should have them.

          But your first comment reminded me of the conversation I had yesterday when my friend linked me the video.
          "I'm gonna be honest here, I'm probably going to buy that."
          "Urgh, me too. Damn Blizzard!"
          Neither of us were particularly impressed by D3 by the end... but there's something about Blizzard.

          On a second tangent, after a couple of poor games I got suckered into getting the Collector's Editions for, I vowed to stop buying them. But I already had Wings of Liberty CE, so I had to get Heart of the Swarm CE too, right? And I've already got the Diablo 3 CE, so...

            I haven't bought any WoW expansions since BC. MMO's just aren't my thing. However I do know every single expansion gets people screaming its 'the end of the game! they've ruined it!'

            Yet the game marches on succesfully with no sign of slowing down.

            Starcraft was a great game but Broodwar solidified it as amazing. Warcraft 2 was great but Tides of Darkness... damn that was fantastic. Diablo 2 was great but Lord of Destruction elevated it to something else. Warcraft 3 was impressive but remember how damn fantastic The Frozen Throne was???

            There's something about this add on pack that's hitting the right notes for me so far, the Crusader class itself just strikes me as 'the one that was missing from Diablo 3' so I can't wait for it :D

              Man, that is some good points I'd never considered.
              Man, I think you might have just sold me. I mean, I was already sold, but it was begrudgingly. Now it's more of a cautious optimism!

            MoP has been their best expansion to date. People have been leaving WoW (myself included earlier this year) not due to MoP but because WoW is in its 9th year. 9 years is a long, long time to keep playing one video game (for those of us who have been subbed since launch). Hell, it's going on even longer than the current console generation. Yet, it still has 7 million subs...

            So yeah, the statement their games become better with each expac holds true imo.

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              That latest raid trailer thingy sure does make it look fun.

                Definitely, tempted to sub back just to kill the bastard haha

    I liked Diablo 3. I defended Diablo 3.

    I don't know if I really want to go back to Diablo 3.

      C'mon Bunny, you know that you're going to do exactly what I will. Buy it at launch, play through it like twice, enjoy said time, then never play it again.

        I'll also grind at least two characters to the level cap, thank you very much

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          I just brought my Wizard out of retirement to respec and check out the new OMFG LOOK AT THE SHINY LOOTZ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

      I enjoyed it. Got my time out of it. I think it wasn't as bad as what people said it was.
      I also don't think i had as much fun with it as D2. But times were different when D2 was out and everyone was loving it.
      Not as many people played online either, and had a very different range of experiences, ranging from, beating campaign on normal, to maxing heroes with awesome loot.

      It was people being aware of of how sorely their characters lacked to others, and the general feeling that the only way to get better was with the RMAH (it wasn't, but the alternative was to farm for uninspiring items and the endgame and its difficulty which got people disappointed.

      Along with all the week 1 crashes.

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    Heh Archangel of wisdom....Watch out! His insightful proverbs hit for 2D6 damage!

    I haven't play D3 since the first few weeks of release, kind of annoyed me a lot when they switch out that hit heal thingy for the monk and I just wasted all my gold on it and become utterly useless.

    Any case, may just return if it's cheap enough...anything above 20 I'll be time only

    Error 38, Coming 2014

    Meanwhile, why make 50 animated gifs and then not link the video. How about, 1 gif, 1 link?

    That first GIF looks like meme material.

    "Oh wow, this new game looks amazing. What? EA?! Wha- AH... NOOOOOOOO!!!"

    Probably get it once (if) it goes on sale. There was a lot of other things wrong with Diablo 3 other than its theme

    I'm saying no on this one, fancy cut scenes notwithstanding. I was bewildered by Diablo III. Eternal development time yielded less features and complexity than Diablo II, little to no change in gameplay, buggy release, hair-pulling drm... and full price! Nice cut scenes though. A month or two later torchlight II was released... for $20. It had a longer campaign, deeper character trees, far more efficient UI (especially how pet is integrated), no awful drm, no 'rubber banding' etc... but no fancy cut scenes. One of these purchases left me feeling cheated, guess which.

    Last edited 22/08/13 1:16 pm

    I'd get the console version of this, but I don't want to reward Blizzard in any way for their asinine decisions on DRM and RMAH. I am aware that there's no auction house in the console version but I am standing by my principles here. Pull your head in, Blizzard.

    I Played Diablo II from it's day of release until the release of Diablo III, 12 years. The only reason I pre-ordered the CE of Diablo III was to get D2 and LoD on the Soulstone shaped USB key. I played Diablo III for like 4 months. They broke it and I don't think an expansion is going to fix it. As has been said there was a lot more wrong with D3 than just the theme.

    That said, I'll buy this. Hell, I'll probably pre-order the CE of this. I just don't expect much of it.

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