Don't Worry, We've Got Final Fantasy XIV Covered. Well, Mostly.

Don't Worry, We've Got Final Fantasy XIV Covered. Well, Mostly.

Certainly more covered than my level 14 Miqo'te archer, who spent the weekend looking for pants while everyone else was having trouble playing. I was actually rather surprised to learn that folks were having connection issues with the early start of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

I downloaded the client on Saturday morning, logged in and played for maybe seven hours or so, woke up Sunday morning and played for another couple of hours, and then returned in the evening to put in another three or four. Never once did I encounter a problem.

It's odd, really. With regular, non-MMO games, if there's a problem yo I'll find it and bitch about it incessantly. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, on the other hand, part for me like the Red Sea in that one book.

Update: Or it could be, as some commenters have pointed out, that I am playing on the Japanese data centre instead of the North American one. How did I end up there? I have no clue.

Either way, yes — I am playing Final Fantasy XIV. I've actually got it running on a secondary computer now, hooked up to the television hanging on the wall of my office. It's very, very distracting — even now that I've gotten the pants situation under control.

Don't Worry, We've Got Final Fantasy XIV Covered. Well, Mostly.

Those of you who've been reading for ages might remember my review of the initial luanch of Final Fantasy XIV. It was not all that favourable.

Without giving away too much — a full review is still a ways off — it's better. A lot better.

If anyone needs me, here's my card:

Don't Worry, We've Got Final Fantasy XIV Covered. Well, Mostly.

Feel free to share yours, and see you in game!


    Ok.. so it's not a total balls up like the first one was.... hrmm.. I am getting more and more tempted to give it a try..

    purchased the PS3 collectors edition and when i follow the instructions to register it i keep getting "the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid" it appears im no the only one in australia getting the same response

      I suggest waiting until Launch "officially" starts or until PSN updates. I'm getting the same issues.

    Australians have invaded the JPN Tonberry server and it's been great haha

      What other servers is everyone else playing?
      Bit daunting when your choices are north america, japan or europe *which I'm on but seems to have alot of scandinavian/german players*

    It wouldn't be a Final Fantasy MMO without the early, grueling pursuit of pants.

    Yeah, I've put in a few hours over the last couple of days (probably a few too MANY hours...) and I'm happy to say I've been playing without a hitch. Loving it so far.

    I think connection issues got sorted out at around 10:30 this morning, it has been running quite smoothly since, some minor latency issues probably when people realised they could log on again but it's golden now.
    I am now levelling an archer, because it turns out that the ARC required for black mage is not the logical spell casting magical cloth wearing ARCanist (upon facepalmingly closer inspection, after the fact, I realised that Arcanist is shortened to ACN) that I leveled the other day while the servers were crapping out, but instead the illogical bow wielding leather wearing dexterity stacking ARCher.

    Still, the game is quite enjoyable when you are actually logged in, and I suggest that if you leave your computer on for long periods of time that you leave yourself logged in as well, just in case.
    I have a lvl30 Thaumaturge (Exidia Endis, Cactuar server) who can blast through most any obstacle and a chocobo called Cadbury.

    Really enjoying it, my tiny Lalafell Marauder/armoursmith is looking hip. The low level pink quest gear was weird though. Seemed odd to be the most fierce class, and be running around in fierce pink.

    Come to TIamat, we have candy! Add Therin Treadwater for a 200+ Oceanic FC on the second most english populated server.

    If you can't get into tonberry (which has been locked since end of P4, barely opened for a few minutes earlier today), come to Tiamat. Big oceanic group, a FC with 250+ members, and lots more in LSes - second only to Tonberry, without the locks and giant pop. Message Therin Treadwater ingame for an invite.

      Sounds good. I keep dabbling in MMOs since leaving World of Warcraft 5 years ago, if I give this a go I'll look into those servers.

      Not being able to create a character on Tonberry is getting REALLY fucking annoying. Looks like Tiamat it is.... Oh wait, thats locked too.


    So I pre-ordered a copy of realm reborn, the CD came, was psyched. Registered with square enix, tried to use my code, did not work... realised for some reason my square enix account was not linked to the right region (was in NA instead of EU) had to make a new square enix account connected to another email. (couldn't find another way, but I could've been blind) then the registration worked! again, psyched, UNITL. it started downloading the 3.5gb game. which. I don't know. maybe it's just me, but I thought that if I bought the $38 CD, it'd have the actual game inside of it, instead of just the game client.

    So all in all. I am not a happy moogle.

    but was wondering, am I just special, or has this happened to anyone else?

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