Dragon Age Goes Mobile With A Free-To-Play... Oh, You've Stopped Caring

Dragon Age Goes Mobile With A Free-To-Play Oh You've Stopped Caring

The greatest heroes of the Dragon Age universe assemble for Heroes of Dragon Age, a free-to-play mobile game that doesn't look like it would appeal to fans of those heroes very much at all.

Discovered via Eurogamer and verified with EA Mobile, Heroes of Dragon Age is a riff on my least favourite mobile-specific game genre. It's a combat-focused game in which players assemble a party of characters and creatures from BioWare's inconsistent role-playing game series and do battle with other characters and creatures from same.

Player armies will be built from units found in booster packs. That suggests there will be packs which we'll earn through playing, and packs we will purchase with in-game currency, with the best party members exclusive to the latter.

Heroes of Dragon Age is being developed by EA Capital Games, the folks behind free-to-play mobile superhero game Supreme Heroes, a game which utilises the same sort of booster pack system I fear we'll be seeing here.

There's no release date for Heroes of Dragon Age — this is just a warning that it's coming. A multi-platform title, expect to see it on any mobile platform capable of processing paid content.

Update: Here's the official wording from the EA Mobile press alert:

Heroes of Dragon Age lets fans build a party of famous heroes and feared monsters from packs featuring an array of unique 3D figures spanning Dragon Age lore. Players can battle each other in fast-paced, character-based combat and see their hero-levelling and squad-formation strategies pay off as they earn rewards and climb the leaderboard.

Fast-paced, character-based combat in this case generally means auto-pilot. We'll see.


    Dammit, people stop spending money on these damn things. You're encouraging them.

    Combat focused.... Like DA2 I take it.... How can you not build on the success of that title....

    Last edited 20/08/13 2:56 pm

    The title made me laugh, because it was reading my mind and speaking to me directly.

    Mad props for awareness.

    Wow, somebody woke up on the jaded, cynical, Comicbook Guy side of the bed today. Reading cynical shit like this is just depressing.

    Title gave me a chuckle, well done,read my thought process precisely.

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