Only Wii U Owners Can Dress Up As Mario In Rayman Legends

Only Wii U Owners Can Dress Up as Mario in Rayman Legends

When it got delayed earlier this year, Rayman Legends became a symbol of the agonizing plight of the Wii U owner. It was cruel to hear a game that folks were holding out for would be going to competing consoles. But now, there's a little reward for Nintendo loyalists that PS3 and 360 owners won't be getting: the ability to dress up as Mario and Luigi.

During this morning's Nintendo Direct, it was announced that the Wii U version of Rayman Legends will let the Rayman and Globox characters dress up in Mario and Luigi outfits. It'd be great if female barbarian Barbara has a Princess Peach variant, too. Or a Toad suit for other characters…


    Finally! This is what will save the Wii U!

      Not sure if troll......

        Well if a custom costume isn't enough to help a failing console, I don't know what else could possible work!

          Its nice.... but I wonder if its gonna be $5 DLC...
          Also, I bet that the other consoles will be getther their character exclusive costumes...
          A couple of decent games that arent reduced in content or incompatable with other versions would help

          If smash bros. zelda, proper 3D mario etc etc etc etc.. where available now, I'm sure the WIIU would be alright

        I think we can leave a little room for good old-fashioned sarcasm in this world full of 'troll’ allegations.

          But trolls are funny creatures and they like cookies! :)

    Costumes ain't gonna hack it when the steam version is $35

      and comes with Rayman Origins if you preorder, adding another $15-$20 value!

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