DuckTales: Remastered Is Like Being A Kid Again

DuckTales: Remastered is exactly what it sounds like — a faithful recreation of the NES game with beautiful 2D animations, new music and, most importantly, achievements. Take a look at the shiny new game in the video above.

You can start your adventures in Duckburg August 13 on PSN, Wii U and PC, and September 11 on Xbox Live Arcade.


    really hoping the steam Ducktales gets released 2nite, can't wait!

      I got my key from Greenman Gaming and redeemed it on Steam, but alas I cannot download it yet.

    Ive been thinking of getting this but every time I go to buy it a part of my brain just says "dude, $15 for a prettier version of an old game"

    I just dont know........mabye I will wait

      I was actually a little shocked when I saw the price too........then started singing the theme song. But yes, seems a little steep

        Brought it up at work yesterday and someone actually played the trailer from youtube, and it sort of spread virally, like a horrible brain infection. So randomly throughout the day, people were going, "Ducktales! Woo-oo!"

        Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

        I actually think the $15-20 price point is being well used this year (with the likes of Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Call of Juarez:Gunslinger coming along).

        SURE this is a 'remake' but why punish a development studio because they've been faithful to what they are 'remaking'?

        I've spent more on an (albeit large) lunch before, so I don't mine the price!

          It's not a gift horse if you're paying for it. Your usage of that idiom is entirely incorrect!

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