EA Has A Humble Bundle And It's Far From Humble

EA has a Humble Bundle, first digest this. Your first instinct is anger, right? Okay now take stock. Read this list of games: Dead Space, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor. How are you feeling now? Still a bit angry? Okay, that's cool. I like a person with principles. Pay more than the average (currently $4.64) and you get Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3. That change anything?

Okay well, how about this: instead of being a cash grab like the THQ Humble Bundle (and let's be fair, THQ needed the cash) EA will not see a single cent from this Humble Bundle. Its share is going directly to the charities you choose when you buy the bundle.

Still angry? still see this as some sort of publicity stunt or advertising for EA/Origin? Hmmm, I guess there's no swaying you. Let's agree to disagree.

I think this is a really cool thing to do and I fully support it. Great job EA. $1.8 million has been raised already. That's incredible.


    if you have Sims 3 on origin then add the starter pack you end up with 2 copies of Sims 3 on your account http://i.imgur.com/RTDcEdF.jpg

      That's because it's two different editions of The Sims 3. I've got the same situation on mine with the Collectors edition and the standard edition.

        cant see how the starter pack sims 3 is diff to my sims 3, i don't have collectors, i have just normal sims 3

          That little bit of blue writing up the top lol. It doesn't have to have different content etc. Just in EA's catalogue on origin it has to have a different number etc and will come up in your game library as a new game. A new 'edition' as such. It's primitive compared to how Steam does it.

    I'm not sure where the assumption of anger came, it's crazy not to think a bundle like this was awesome. I guess the only way people could get angry was if they bought any of these games recently.

    I was thinking about Burnout Paradise recently after playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) so I'm glad I get the chance to pick up the DLC for cheap. Everything else is just a bonus :)

    EDIT: Actually I do get where some anger might come from "E.A. are trying to make themselves look good!" etc. but surely people can put aside the E.A. hate.

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      Not sure why they need to. This is a great deal, and it's great for chairty. EA is still an all round horrible company. They're not mutually exclusive. Bad organisations do good things all the time, and vice versa. If I was into any of those games I didn't already own I'd be all over this!

      People were upset that THQ did it, and they were doing it to try and pull out of a nose dive. Some people just think this is a indie only website. Personally the only thing I'm annoyed about is the fact my XBOX 360 Battlefield 3 character won't sync to the PC one.

      Obviously EA are trying to make themselves look good, but I don't see why anyone would get made about it. It's why most companies do charity drives - it's a win/win.

      This is EA PR to get a better image pure and simple.

      It's also the kind of PR I COMPLETELY endorse because it's helping a charity and giving us great games. Well done EA.

      ps. We bought 4 bundles today for our house, spent 10 on each (all we could afford each being students) but Burnout Paradise is gonna give us so much joy...

    And here I was about to post this in TAY. That's why they pay you to do this Mark!

    EA hate bandwagon is so mainstream. I woke up this morning to this humble bundle and thought I was still in a semi dream-state. Great deal!

      I was hating EA before most people ever heard of them

      *adjusts glasses*

        Scary thing is that I may have been loving EA before you ever heard of them. Even the prospect of that makes me feel old...

          Yeah... in all seriousness, they've made some great games over the years. I still have very fond memories of Skate Or Die on the C64! Good times.

            And Racing Destruction Set. What I wouldn't give for a HD remake of that baby

          Likewise - I recall when the Amiga came out and EA supported it pretty heavily (Deluxe Paint was an EA program, for example.) EA was the darling of Amiga lovers for several years.

          It's only in the last decade or so that they've been (fairly) consistently evil.

          Great deal, but the only games in the bundle I don't have are ones I don't want. Plus, Origin. Not fond of Origin.

          I wouldn't be surprised if they tack on another couple of games in a week or so - most of the Humble Bundles do.

        HEY... those glasses are 15.99 DLC. Did you pay for those before you adjusted them?

    I would love it if Medal Of Honor came with a port of Medal Of Honor Frontline as that's my favourite MOH game after the original MOH, but alas, I believe that was just for the PS3 special edition release? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'd be tempted for Burnout and The Sims 3 though, but I have Rome 2 & GTA V to save up for as well as my PS4

      It was on the PS3 disc. It's... not aged as well as you'd hope.

    I hate EA... Not because of Origin, but because of the shit they pulled with some of their best franchises.

    But EA isn't seeing a cent from this purchase... I chucked in $5, despite owning 5 of the games... I wanted Dead Space 3 and Crysis 2, and I'm hopeful there will be more goodies added (like Crysis 3 or Mass Effect 3).

    Kudos to EA for this, you seem like you want to get back in touch with your consumers, this is a good start... Next step is stop hamfisting MP or online social features into games that don't need them.

      They add games afterward sometimes? If I buy now, do I get games they add later?

        Don't quote me 100% because I've never really bought humble bundles before... But I believe as long as you beat the average now, even if the average goes up above what you paid, you get the games.

        I know for a fact even if you beat the average and the average doesn't go higher than what you paid you definitly get the games.

        yes you do.
        Though usually it's for those who pay more than the average, so make sure you have paid more than the average price at your time of purchase to make sure.

        I should also add that this is based on *past* humble bundles. Who knows what the case will be with this EA one. If they follow the same format [no reason to believe they won't at this point], then you will be fine.

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    If I didn't already have half of those I might have been tempted.

    Also seems kinda odd that they've included Dead Space and Dead Space 3, but not Dead Space 2.

      Nothing odd about it, DS2 will be added to the deal sometimes in the next 13 days.

    Just a note on this, keys are currently not being delivered to a lot of purchases and Origin is not redeeming keys due to server load. Patience people if you bought anything and try not spam humble bundle support with this (their facebook page is pretty much being hammered too)

      I just paid for it, decided what the hell except now I'm stuck on an infinite "thank you for your purchase waiting for PayPal" loop even though I've already got the receipt from paypal

        Check your mail. I got stuck waiting on an infinite loop but I still recieved the e-mail with the redemption links.

          Yeah I just got it right after I read your comment..I call witchcraft!

            Nah, not witchcraft. I was bitten by a radioactive e-mail server. Proportional heat output isn't as great as you'd expect.

              You sir, have made my day with that comment.

        Paypal? I didn't see the option for it 10 minutes ago, I had to pay with amazon. Maybe they're having trouble & took it off

      Yeah - I got some BS about payment option taking 3-7 days to be approved. I've used the same payment method on literally every previous sale!

        Not that I particularly mind. I actually chipped in a bit extra for Charity even though I only wanted DS3. I think it's consistent with my EA boycott if they don't actually get any money from the purchase.

      Seems to have settled down now
      I bought 2 copies of the bundle and all processed and came through almost right away

    Such a good deal, I dontated $25 to bring that price up and help out those charities

    Purchased. Any cynicism I had about EA and PR stunts and Origin nonsense pretty much falls flat when it's 100% charity. I might even reinstall Origin to redeem the keys. Maybe.

    And not a cent goes to EA? Sold.

    I'd be more happier to pay humbly for Steam keys for games _not_ available through this bundle.

    Awesome, paid for the Game Music Bundle last night, and looks like I'm going to have to get this too!

    So long as EA keeps making The Sims, then I can't hate them as a company, even if they are money hungry leeches. Still hate origin though... I want all my stuff in one place (aka steam)

      You get steam keys for everything as well except for BF3 and Sims 3.
      Edit: Also no Dead Space 3 key.

      Last edited 15/08/13 10:27 am

        Really? Probly should've followed through to the humble bundle site and checked :p seems dead space 3 isn't steam either, but It's still something atleast :p

      hmm, they are a real bad comapany, But their getting better! all money goes to charity and humble bundle.

    Just telling people the assumption of hate (which I am part of if I am honest) is the fact that many feel that EA has ruined their favorite franchises (for me command and conquer) and turned them into F2P microstransaction filled crap.

    I'm conflicted on this; I can let certain bundles half slide - ie. the THQ bundle was humble but not indie, and the Double Fine bundle was indie but not humble, but this is neither humble nor indie (especially when EA do have some decent indie titles in their library). The charity thing is a nice touch however... but methinks I'll keep skipping Origin and throw moneys at one of the next bundles instead. (for anyone countering with things like the Deep Silver bundle, I class the weekly bundles separately since they are more publisher collections - I suppose I wouldn't have a problem if this was a weekly instead of a main bundle... a matter of definition I suppose)

    Well done EA. This company does a lot of good things in my opinion. Worst company ratings? Cut them some slack. Can't wait for SW: Battlefront!!!!!!!!

    Yep bought. Good deal. No matter if ea is doing the charity thing for pr or for just being nice its a good move.

    To be fair, at the time of the humble THQ bundle, THQ WAS one of the charities

    They say "For your personal use only." at the bottom.. I assume that it would still be "ok" to give keys for games I already own to my family/friends.. I assume this is just to stop people on-selling these titles to people..? I mean.. is there really any way for Origin/EA to know that that key is assigned to my account before I actually use it? I already own a few of these games and I know my brother and sister-in-law would be able to use those ones.. but yeh.. don't want to do anything wrong..

      It's a bit of a grey area to be honest
      I think you are not meant to do it and think it is against their terms and conditions. Which is why they have the option to gift. But it happens a lot and don't think they actually monitor are care if it happens.

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