Early Final Fantasy XIV Launch Goes (Surprise!) Badly

For a game that's had so many problems it's needing a second launch, you'd think Square Enix would be right on top of Final Fantasy XIV, but nope. The game had an early access release over the weekend, and it was a mess.

Those who had pre-ordered the game were let into an early access release, but many found themselves unable to get past FFXIV's menu screens, so severe were server issues affecting the game. Check out the video above to see what I mean.

In response to the problems, Square Enix has issued the following statement, saying they have "placed a severe login restriction in order to stabilise the servers". They've also cut down on access to the game's character creation suite.

We have confirmed that the issues on the North American/European data center Worlds have resurfaced. Therefore, we have placed a severe login restriction in order to stabilise the servers.

While you may continue to have a difficult time logging into the game, please note that the issue is being addressed, and new updates will follow as additional information becomes available.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this is causing everyone for an extended period, but we would like to ask for your continued cooperation to make this a stable environment.

OK, so it's not the game's final, public opening, but the fact that server problems hit a smaller release - and that this is a game with a history of problems - does not bode well. Here's hoping for fan's sake Square can finally get this right ahead of the game's actual release on Tuesday.


    What!? The only and i mean only problem iv'e encountered during early access was when the Duty Finder and Instanced battles failed and they fixed that pretty much straight away (well it took them 3 - 5 hours but i was asleep at the time :D).
    Other than that I was able to log in smoothly only 30mins after early access launched and everything has been going fine.

      In the same boat, played most of yesterday and didn't have any issue bar duty finder being down (didn't affect me since I'm not high enough level).

      Any idea where i can download the client?
      i'm a 1.0 player from back at original launch, i was in the beta for ARR, but haven't received any emails or info on early access or how to even get the client for ARR...

      Any ideas?

        No ideas, sorry mate, but on the forums a lot of 1.0 players where complaining about not being able to play early access. Other than that i'm not sure.
        But the game does come out tomorrow so at least you won't have to wait too long.

        I've searched and failed to find the client. I drove 2 hours to my nephews and grabbed the setup file since they bought the game. SE is utterly ridiculous. How stupid can a company be to not be able to provide some of the most basic of what the consumers need to install and play the game. The file is named ffxivsetup. GL.

    I couldnt log in at night which was morning for eu and it was a pain in the ass

    well the servers "just" went down again, hopefully to finally fix the issues. Had my fair share of MMO launches so I am not complaining about the problems and I have also had enough time online to hit 27 thaumaturge, 20 weaver, 15 arcanist and 17 botanist. When the game is stable, it is a good deal of fun, it is just a shame that the launch had to be rocky again.
    A silver lining however, there doesn't seem to be any "minor" bugs left, they are all really big, easy to identify issues.

    Square must be in a panic right now. Especially after roping a good number of the initial 1.0 players into trying their game again only to have this fudge up in the early access stage.

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      I'd argue that most Legacy 1.0 players that are still around are probably so used to everything being terrible that they're probably not too worried.

      Also the Legacy characters are mainly on Japanese servers and the Japan datacenter servers weren't affected by the issues the NA/EU ones were.

      Why would they panic? Almost every mmo launch I've been in had had a shaky launch.

        Yeah, this. If flaky servers and queues are the worst you have to deal with these days, then your launch is a freakin' success, IMO.

        EVERY MMO bar none experiences this shit on launch day. Every. Single. One.

    Logged in 5 mins after Early Access started. No issues at all aside from some long duty finder queues, I thought it was very smooth for an MMO launch. But I'm playing on a JP server.

    That said, the world I'm on was quickly locked down with no new characters allowed to be created as the world is effectively full, which is a pain for people I was hoping to play with, and makes me really glad I created my character last weekend during beta 4.

    Every MMO release is rocky and this hasn't really been that bad, the game itself is great (unlike 1.0). Some minor problems on one day and all the games blogs are jumping down Squenix's throat over it. :(

    I only ran into issues with the Duty finder as well. I missed out on my preferred server, but otherwise I've enjoyed 2 nights of pretty smooth gameplay without a single disconnect.

    (Insert overreaction here)
    (Insert 'every MMO suffers this' argument here)

    Pick one.

      Where's the "players will forget about this problem after it's fixed and after a week or so of playing the game" option?

      That's something FFXIV1.0 lacked. Everyone still remembers the problems it had (and appear to forget that Yoshi-P made the game decent-fun when he and his team replaced Tanaka and his team) :o

      Edit: That said, I'm finally on my Hyperion server character :D

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    Seriously considering how many people were trying to play im not surprised by the servers running into problems. That games getting hammered by players right now, heck my gw2 server which is normally heavily populated was dead on the weekend because of this games early access, game is quite popular like most mmorpgs are at launch conditions.

    Its only NA servers, JP have been fine the whole time.

    Been playing since beta. Haven't had a problem.

    Not a single issue for me. I had to wait in queue for 30 seconds once.

    I've had very few problems apart from the 3102 error during phase 4 beta and some problems with instances and duty finder during EA. Most of the problems that have occured are due to the large numbers anyway. All MMOs have problems during launch and unless it's your first time playing one it's fairly expected.

    If a mmo launched without this, I would consider it a failure for only having three players.

    I'm just hoping they open up the Tonberry server for new players again once the official launch starts.

    A lot of Oceania / SEA players are using the JP servers instead of the NA/EU servers, so it's really only an issue for the ones that went on the NA Servers.

    I'll be honest, the time I spent there was not without massive bugs (the worst being one that slowly kicked my entire team from a dungeon, until just the tank and I finally beat it... only to be kicked before rewards were given... and the quest ended up not counting).

    BUT for the 4 hours of non issue playing I did before that point, including getting access to the game at 7:03pm, literally three minutes after the servers went live, I give it massive kudos. Yes, they had issues, but as someone who has gone through numerous MMO launches (including the original WoW), they did damned well. Well, you know... until the game actually launches. Then that'll be a test.

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