EB Games In NZ Has Fun With Saints Row IV… At Australia’s Expense

EB Games In NZ Has Fun With Saints Row IV… At Australia’s Expense

Even with the R18+ rating in place, Saints Row IV required a few alterations before it was let through by the Classification Board. So, we’ll be getting the game, just not the one the rest of the world will. The NZ arm of EB Games, ever the jokester (?) has found a way to turn this negative into a positive… Just not for Australia.

A NeoGAF user by the handle “Gouda Jouji” received the below EB NZ promotion in his inbox, which makes it extremely clear that New Zealand is getting an uncut version of the game. (Click on the image to expand.)

And just to rub it in, towards the end of the email it takes a shot at its less fortunate neighbour across the Tasman:

Secure your Presidential Edition of Saints Row IV today and receive an UNCUT version of the game, not the cutback watered down anti wub wub Aussie version!

Live it up, New Zealand. Live it up.

EB New Zealand sends e-mail promoting SR4, mocks Aussie censorship [NeoGAF, via Player Attack]


    • You joke and yet they are allowed to play any game they want without the government interfering with it.

    • Yeah true but if the shoe was on the other foot Aussies wouldn’t give a toss what happens with the New Zealand ratings system. No way Aus advertisers would even mention that NZ has a ‘watered down version’. It is just not relevant to Aussies, yet the Aus system seems to be relevant to Kiwis. This just goes to show for all their effort NZ really is just aspiring to be Aus Lite, always comparing their little country to the greatness in the west.

  • Yeah just goes to show how much of a joke australia is when even retarded NZ is ahead of our backwards country

  • Of course they’re making fun of us, *Every* other country is making fun of us!
    Its an embarrassment and a failure of our Classification Board, and everyone else is pointing and laughing!

    • And yet I’m proud to live in the country where our classification board can actually establish that comical rape is where they draw the line. Just because something exists doesn’t mean you have a right to view it.

      • If only there were people capable of deciding on their own what is offensive to them. We could call them “Adults” or something crazy like that. We could also give a criteria on how to become an adult for example you must be over 18.

      • Something about your ignorance level says you’re either racist or homophobic. Some kind of prejudice.

  • Personally, I was worried that me, an NZer (Bring on the hate), was going to get the watered down Aussie version, because thats where we get most of our games from anyway. but this is pretty funny in all honesty, and i’m very happy to know that we won’t be getting your guys version of the game!

  • I honestly don’t care about the CB or their little irrelevant “bans”, I import everything anyway. But if you think the whole world is laughing at Australia over a few video game bans, you’re either 12 years old or just plain stupid. There are far more pressing issues taking place on this Earth than little Ozland and it’s Classification Board.

    BTW anyone who thinks importing is a hassle is just extremely ignorant or using it as an excuse because their parents won’t let them use their credit card on the scary interwebz.

    Seriously, pick your store, add game to cart and enter your details. Bam. Done. Using a courier for delivery means it’s on your doorstep within 2 – 4 days and you STILL save 30% to 50%. You don’t even need to leave the house. Stop supporting censorship and paying stupid prices. People wonder why bans and high prices remain the norm *sigh*

    Oh and no, Customs won’t confiscate your game. They have better things to do. Trust me – I’ve been importing for the last 13 years without a single hitch.

    As for NZ – they can have their little dig, god knows they’re in dire need of drawing the laughter away from themselves for once lolz.

  • The day that NZ has something to make fun of us for…is the day that marks the lowest in Australia’s history. I love being told – as a 25 year old – that I can’t make my own decisions. I don’t like the Nintendo Wii so I guess that means it should be banned. Wait that isn’t right. I don’t like it, therefore I DON’T FUCKING PLAY IT. Hmmm…interesting notion.

    • Well, they could make fun of us for not having voting rights for women for a year after they had it (and multiple years before all of australia let women vote), or that we wouldn’t let our natives vote or that we don’t have gay marriage. This is a very trivial matter compared to that, NZ has always been more progressive and fair.

      • Yeah cause look where giving the vote to natives and women has gotten us. Inventing the clothesline, now that was a proud day. I salute you Hills Hoist! Its all been downhill since……..

      • And yet the world cares a lot less about NZ than they do about Aus. And even with that not many really care what goes on in Aus. All they know is Dingos and Wallabies.

    • Probably a bit too much drama queen in that statement – it is just a good hearted dig at our expense, and let’s be honest, it is a worthy of a jibe,
      Don’t worry, NZ has plenty of ‘Won’t somebody think of the children” alarmists, that will point to Australia’s ruling and wonder aloud why NZ is not following suit.

    • I see us more as the Madagascar to Australia’s Africa. Or the Cyprus to Australia’s Greece.

      • Being Cypress to Australia’s Greece… is more like being…Mexico to Australia’s USA.

        • The sad thing is that’s probably true. Lots of kiwis immigrate to Aus, but not so much the other way round :\

  • What’s New Zealand’s biggest lie?
    ‘I was just letting the sheep over the fence’

  • Guys, I’m going to play devils advocate here and say that our ratings system isn’t broken. The ONE mission that was removed, which involved a high level of drug use. It was the same as State of Decay and why that was RC’d. Nothing except this ONE SIDE MISSION was removed from the Australian version of the game. Am I upset at not getting the same version as the rest of the world? Yea, I am a little peeved. Am I going to still support the Australian release of the game, and support Australian retailers, not Amazon oversea’s? Yep, you betcha.

    I’m going to lay down the challenge to everyone who says that they are going to import this game, and it’s the same challenge I laid down to everyone who imported Mortal Kombat. When the game goes on sale here in Australia, buy it. Support the local distribution arm, and Australian jobs, and show these companies that their products are still popular down under. If you just buy from oversea’s, they only see that Amazon.uk or whatever sold that, not that it’s going to Australia.

    • That’s the point… People want to vote with their wallets so we aren’t subject to censorship by what seems to be an overbearing military Grandpa.

  • Can we please find out what a New Zealander sounds like when pronouncing the following words:

    Mass Effect.


          • Its a dig at the fact that kiwi’s cant Pronounce E, I or A correctly.

            a kiwi saying “Mass Effect” would sound like “Mess iffict, bro” 😛

          • Kiwi’s can pronounce their vowels perfectly fine. They just do it in a different order to the rest of the english speaking world.

            My rule of thumb is to substitute I for E, E for A, and U for I, except, on silent letters. So, for example, “misbehave” becomes “musbiheve”.

            Also, “bro” is the 27th letter in the New Zealand alphabet, denoted as “ô”. So, “misbehave” should actually be “musbihevô”.

          • ….I’m from NZ and I pronounce Mass Effect properly. I’m pretty sure 90% of all NZders do.

  • Maybe this will be what it takes to convince the prudes.

    “Look, we have to fix this: the kiwis are making fun of us.”
    “They’re what? Jesus! OK, fine. Just be REALLY sure you’re not letting kids buy these adult-rated games, OK?”
    “I KNEW IT.”

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