Elders React To The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer: It May Surprise You!

I actually know a number of gamers who could legitimately claim a pension. Some of them are in my own family! So I do feel it's a little bit reductive to make fun of old people reacting to video games when some of them could potentially play the games they're discussing. That being said this video, which records a select group of pensioners watching the latest Grand Theft Auto V trailer really bucked my expectations.

It's actually amazing. Some react the way you'd expect — talking about the violence, the lack of role models — but some seem to really be enjoying what they see, and others seem interested in actually trying it out.

The 'Elders react' series is brilliant in the way that it refuses to put old people in the convenient little box we tend to squeeze them into. This is a great example of that. Must watch stuff.


    They inadvertently make some very good, very relevant points regarding the reaction of society in general. They make points about the game not being only about violence, then criticize it about the rewards reaped from criminal activity. One of them, then goes further and says, 'nah, I'm more of a Halo guy'.

    Just as scientists and researchers alike have found in numerous case studies, societies reaction to these kinds of games remains completely mixed. Some say yay, some say nay. To be honest though, I'm just glad that some of them seem really keen on giving it a go, and were able to take the humour out of the game in a the way the game meant to give it.

      The guys seemed a lot more attracted to the game, like they wanted to try it out. But the ladies seemed more amazed by it but not willing to try it.

      Add VR (e.g. Oculus Rift) to the mix and the opinions again change (for better or worse).

    I showed it to my Dad. Hes 64. He was amazed. He said 'So if I shoot the cops they kill me?' I said yes. 'I can pick up hookers then choose to kill them and get my money back still?' I said yeah, that hasn't changed. He said 'I can choose to just walk around and enjoy the city and countryside?' I said 'Yeah if you want to I guess...' then he said 'Stephen in a game like this you CHOOSE to be the asshole more than any other when theres so much to do...'

    Then he dropped a knowledge bomb on me. 'I played your xbox and copy of San Andreas when you used to be at work. I had more fun adventuring than killing.'

    Very paraphrased but thats how it went down. We all find different attractions in games...

    Also explains why CJ used to start in seemingly random areas...

      Awesome awesome. Makes me think of my reactions to GTA4. At first it was incredibly fun just messing around and exploring the world, trying stuff out, real sandbox stuff and mostly ignoring the story. After a while I got tired of that and started playing through the story.

      I guess I did play through a fair bit but a while through it I just had to stop cause I figured I just didn't like any of these characters or the story very much. I guess I'm not that interested in playing through some crime saga(or at least not that one specifically?), but it was also smaller things. What really stuck with me was that Niko wanted to start a new life, away from all that crime and shit, but then you end up committing ALL the CRIMES and getting in with all the dodgy peeps. I know it was supposed to be a tale where he unfortunately gets swept up in all that again but I dunno, I just found the messing around in the sandbox much more entertaining.

      Maybe with 5 the story will engage me more. If not it's pretty obvious there'll be heaps of sandboxy game for me to mess around with though. In that sense GTA is an amazing series, cause you can get a heap out of it even if you decide to mostly ignore the story and just enjoy a well designed open world.

      I typically start the day in the same place actually.

        And now you're commenting at me from Kotaku! Last time I saw you you were in San Fierro!!!

      yeah..thats why theres not much apealin GTA for me the sandboxing was fun when I was a kid but now I want to do more than be an ass...and GTA doesnt give youa whole lot of options

    Box quote: "A whole panorama of activity - random old dude with band-aids on his head."

    Wow, that was really interesting to see their different views. And that oldest lady is a legend. lol

    Pretty good video. I think it far better shows what society thinks about the medium, mostly. It looked as though there were some staged characterizations but for the most part, the genuine reactions to themes etc had the right of it. "Go blow some shit up" "Get up off your ass and do something productive or read a book" "It shows that crime can pay" and "no matter what you do, you take some of it home with you" which I think is the key point in the argument against violence in video games which extends to negative gain in any activity.

    "Ah I remember my son telling me he hated me for the first time" Bwhaha!

    booty booty booty, shooty shooty shooty

    I wonder if some of the shifting perceptions are due to the fact that games have been around long enough now that those from the earlier generations are starting to become the elders of today?

    "Wow, it's so real looking.".. "Wow, it's so real looking."... "Wow, it's so real looking."..... "Wow, it's so real looking." :)

    Hehe.. I love that reaction.. people who don't play a lot of games don't realise how far we've come since "pong" :)

    WTF is with the guys tshirt @ 2:56

    3:52 - hahaha, all up in the hood in one phrase

    that evil old lady was awesome. 7:47 made me lose it.
    great vid - ha ha ha

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