Europeans Get FIFA 14 For Free If They Pre-Order Xbox One

Europeans Get FIFA 14 For Free if They Pre-Order Xbox One

Microsoft announced today that FIFA 14 would be bundled with the Xbox One at launch in Europe. For free! But wait, there's a catch: you have to pre-order.

The game will hit the Xbox 360 this September and the Xbox One at a later date. European gamers who pre-order the Xbox One will get FIFA 14 included with the console. Microsoft was careful to note that this offer is only good while supplies last!

In Europe this Holiday: [@MajorNelson]


    not that i like soccer... but any word if Australia was included in this? i like anything for free lol

      With an attitude like that, I probably wouldn't get your hopes up.

    Unsure, possibly, but maybe a different game...

    MS delayed the console to 8 countries in Europe just recently, they also announced those 8 countries were going to get a game bundled with the console. This latest announcement can be seen as 'making it fair' to the EU countries still getting the console in 2013. As it could stop people waiting and picking up the delayed console for a free game.

    Given there were no regional delays in NA or Australia, it's possible this kind of offer won't extend to the other territories.

    Now this is what pre-orders should be!

    *Console preorders.

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    "full game download" - shifty, so you cant trade it back in on launch day if you dont want the game

      As opposed to being shifty and trying to sell on for profit something given for free.... not... shifty... at all

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      How dare they give you something for free on their terms?? Those savages..

    This is very smart marketing micro$oft. Baiting the European populace who buy this game year in & year out almost religiously.

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    This is a great tactic for imagine if Australia got Max Max for free (I know its not a launch) and Americans got Dead Rising 3...covering everyone off :P

      I'd prefer Battlefield 4 (another EA game, if that has anything to do with it) over Mad Max.

        Me 2 - but it was because Fifa is english and mad max is Australian

    This is the one time I hope Australia is bundled in with Europe like all the times we DON'T want to be.

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