Explaining Microsoft Windows' Evolution Is Simple

Explaining Microsoft Windows' Evolution Is Simple

Over the years, Micrsoft's Windows OS has changed. It has evolved. There's an easy way to explain the differences between each version, and it involves houses. Yes, houses.

Here ya go, from Windows 95 to Windows 8 with the variations explained using dwellings:

Explaining Microsoft Windows' Evolution Is Simple

Of course, this comparison omits earlier versions, such as Windows 3.0, which would probably be a cave. Or a tent. Or a cave tent.

Japanese Twitter user Kataoka K uploaded the comparison yesterday, and the image currently has over six thousand retweets.

Windowsの変遷 [@kataoka_k]


    Is the Windows 8 one supposed to represent it by not being able find the front door? Or that you're locked out and you have to break in?

    Windows 1.0 is a cave, 3.1 is a cave with fȳre! >:)
    *ahem...* Anyway, fȳre aside...
    I don't think people give windows 8 enough credit. I'd say it's still that nice sleek windows 7 house but with an ugly façade covering it called Modern UI, but installing start8 is like removing that façade

    Also the vista one made me crack up lol. Too true!

    Last edited 15/08/13 7:31 am

      But that's the main problem with windows 8...I love windows phone 8 and can see how good win 8 would be on a touch screen. But for a non-touch screen PC or laptop, it renders the thing almost unusable. I really regret upgrading my laptop.

      Also 'metro 'aps. I hate the shit out of these. I want to be able to play motherf*cking solitaire with another window open. Again, these make sense for tablets, not a PC fully capably of multitasking.

      The picture should also include a short-cut for shutdown, as it's such a pain in the ass to get to.


        If you use start8 you can skip the start screen and get back the classic start menu with shutdown and everything.
        As for modern apps there's a program called modern mix which lets you run modern apps in windowed mode.
        Ok I agree that things like this should have been included from the start... But once you get those apps it's better than windows 7.

    I would love to see the Windows ME house ;D

    Windows ME was so awesome that no picture of a house can properly reflect its magnificence..... except for the lack of one to start with :P

      ME was like going to a motel, looking through the window and watching their television.

    Did anyone else notice that the 2K house is in the background of the 95 house? :p

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