Female Train Station Employee Judo Flips Violent Male Passenger

Female Train Station Employee Judo Flips Violent Male Passenger

In Japan, a 21-year-old female train station employee was allegedly attacked by a 34-year-old passenger who refused to pay the full train fare.

According to Yomiuri, the suspect, Hiroshi Ebina, allegedly struck the station clerk in the face after she told him to pay up. The employee then subdued the 34-year-old man with a judo shoulder throw. Police then arrested the man.

"I knocked her hat," Ebina said, but denied that he hit the station employee. There's no denying she's tough.

Below you can see a Sims-like reenactment, courtesy of TomoNews.

女性駅員 暴行男を背負い投げ [[email protected]] 21歳女性駅員、殴りかかった男を背負い投げ [Yomiuri]


    Surely these news animators could be doing some more useful like making me anime...

    She was itching to use that throw since the day she learnt it.

    Violence Against Men? Kotaku Says Okay!

      She was attacked first and acting in self-defense, there is hardly a double standard here.

        So you're saying it would have been completely fine if the offender was female and the station employee was male?
        Nah sorry, we don't live in a world where 'equality' means -equality-.

          Yes, it would have been fine. Self-defence is self-defence regardless of gender. If the woman attacked the man in the same way she would have to be subdued. I really don't see why there has to be a double-standard here.

    "Okay, how can we make this about video games? Oh, there's a sims reconstruction!"

    We get it, Kotaku. You're Allies. We get it.

    I hope it happened EXACTLY like the animation lol

    If you go to japan and dont know kungfu.... you're going to have a bad time....

    or should i say, if you're an arse, you'll have a bad time....

    Either way... my point is, you should know kungfu.

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