Fighter Within Lets You Punch People In The Face

Ubisoft's upcoming Kinect game Fighter Within for Xbox One puts you in a fighting game. Literally. It's out this Christmas. Check out the trailer above.

The game is an Xbox exclusive, it seems. First the game is headed to Xbox One, and then Xbox 360.

Fighter Within - Gamescom Trailer [PlayTheGame]


    I'm assuming the xbone version would be the best version. The kinect 2 will have better movement recognition.

      It will be the only version. As seen with that atrocious tank game, the current kinect is so batshit awful and doesn't actually work, it shouldn't be legally sold.

      The difference, if they take real advantage of the kinect 2.0 will be night and day. I've always wanted a game like this ever since i was a child so im pretty pumped for it to work well.

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