Finally, An Honest Trailer For The Worst Batman Movie

Batman's been doing OK lately. His recent movies have been mostly good, and his recent games have been outstanding. So it's easy to forget just how bad it got for a while there.

Fortunately, the folks at Screen Junkies haven't forgotten. They've made another of their "honest trailers," for Joel Schumacher's 1997 cinematic crash-landing Batman & Robin. It is highly enjoyable.


    LoLoL. I've been wanting to rewatch this for a bit (Arnie as Mister Freeze? Oh yeah) and this just makes me want to even more. After Nolan's series I feel I need some really silly batman action full of puns :P

    I actually bought the first 3 films on blu ray separately rather than the box set just so I could avoid owning Batman and Robin. I'm a bit regretful over Batman Forever though.

      Forever still had one or two redeeming qualities though... And Val did a good job... but those first two with Keaton are amazingly good... Even today.

        I loved Forever when I watched it as a kid. But as an adult re-watching it all I could see were the flaws!

    I enjoyed all these Batman movies far more than any of the recent trilogy.

    Then again, I love movies like Dragon Wasps and Megashark vs Giant Octopus so what would I know LOL.

      I am all for defending individual tastes, but I think you might not actually have any taste that can be defended. Best to accept the early guilty plea, mate.

        Yeah... I've sat through some crud in my time that's for sure.

        Guilty as charged, Your Honour.

    IMO this is still better than any of the Dark Knight films (for hilarity if nothing else)...... at least these old ones had proper bad guys, and Clooney/Val Kilmer/Michael Keaton didn't have to pretend they had tracheotomy's to get the job done...

    I caught some of this on TV the other day. Dunno why, but it was just on, like you know when u have the TV on in the background but you're not fussed by what actually is playing. Like that. Anyway, Arnie is such a crackup in this movie and its all so dumb, that it's sort of shifting into that "so bad, it's kinda good" category. And then it dawned on me, the movie actually reminds me of the old 70's Adam West Batman and when you look at Batman and Robin as a remake of that TV Show, it actually makes it a bit more enjoyable to watch (more as a comedy). But yeh, I gotta say thank god for Christopher Nolan, for resurrecting the franchise.

    Burton did a great job at bringing the darker characters and art to the movies only to have the sequels ruin the franchise... Nolan then came back and brought in the more police drama side of batman... In the end we got 3 very different batman movies. The darker batman movies based on comics like the killing joke, the campy batman and the Nolan batman from... idk... the long Halloween... But with less batman and more law and order...

    So far Burton came the closest to making the perfect batman movie with batman returns imo... Nolan was also close with begins but lost the plot with TDK and DKR... They just don't feel like the DC or Batman universe...

    Worth watching for Arnie's cheesy one liners. You are not sending me to the cooler!!!

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