Flashback: Kid Had 5 Minutes To Clean Out A Toy Store; Went For Sega

Here's a little something to make you smile. It's a video from 1993 featuring YouTube user Firesghts, proud winner, back in the day, of the Nickelodeon Super Toy Run.

The Toy Run was a contest that the kids-orientated TV channel would run, giving one lucky winner a chance to run through a toy store grabbing anything he could. I found this video earlier this week, while editing this story. I thought it'd be fun to share.

Our winner was a Sega kid, huh?

Nickelodeon Super Toy Run — 1993 [YouTube]


    Went for sporting goods, telescopes, a barbie and a whole heap of other stuff too...

    Many many Nintendo kids out there would've been screaming saying 'WHAT ARE YOU DOINGGGGG????'

    I was like that kid when I was younger... I remember when I got my Mega Drive... I had that Christmas Day smile on my face for the next year :-)

    10 G worth of toys back then - Ffffffuuuuuuu...

    Barbie for the missus...

      Every good playa should always have some female-friendly toiletry supplies in the bathroom, and a spare, comfortable (and short) ladies' bathrobe.

      Maybe this kid was already a playa at an early age. :)

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