Folks Are Paying An Absurd Amount For A Weed Emoticon On Steam

Folks Are Paying An Absurd Amount For A Weed Emoticon On Steam

The introduction of the Steam Trading card system — which allows players to earn tradeable badges, profile backgrounds, emoticons and coupons on Steam by playing games — has created a most peculiar market of digital items that people are willing to pay lots of cash for.

To wit: one of the more expensive “items” one can purchase is a weed emoticon, which players can get by collecting a set of trading cards from the game Port Royale 3. It’s a business simulator with real-time battles. Here’s a trailer.

The price of the emoticon gained from Port Royale fluctuates on a day-to-day basis, with the most recent high price reaching nearly $US40. For an emoticon.

According to Gameranx, purchasing the emoticon outright may be a smarter choice than attaining the set of cards and relying on chance to see if combining them together results in the weed emoticon. Y’know, in case you’re hankering for a weed emoticon to use on Steam chat.

(Via Holly Green)


  • haha nice sell, I thought I was smart because I was selling the 8bit heart emotes from castle crashers for $1 a piece when I could get the set of 6 at 20c a piece. I wonder if it’s worth buying the game just to try and get your money back like this.

  • Still a week away from being allowed to use the marketplace because I reset my password after 2 months of not using Steam. Good to see I’m not missing out on much, I guess…

  • Drugs as an incentive? I demand the ACB protect me from such filth! Wont someone please think of the man-children?

  • There are (obscure) games where the average price for selling the 5 card drops you get is more than the full price for the game. And no, I’m not going to say what they are.

  • The price of cards has gone back up since the summer sale ended, im getting 20-30c per card on average, never thought I would get more free games for playing games on steam.

  • I haven’t used the phrase “try-hard” since early high school.

    It’s pretty apt here.

  • Can’t believe people would pay $40 for an icon. Hell I had no idea what these cards were and was stunned when I got some in the steam sale and realised you could sell them to people for real money.

  • Does this mean that crappy games are going to start making things like weed and swag icons for all the tools to buy the games now?

    • 🙁

      Just realized the game-pub/dev gets a cut of marketplace transactions. Yeah. Yeah, I think we could be seeing more ‘popular’ icons soon.

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