These Are This Month's Free Games For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers...

Free Games: For Xbox Live Gold subscribers, 2010's Dead Rising 2 and its DLC prequel Case Zero are both free, under the Games With Gold promotion. They'll be available until the end of the month.



    No image and 2 liner.

      I really wonder why I keep coming back to this pseudo-gaming website.

      Consider yourself lucky, on mobile I had to read through FIVE lines :(

        On my mobile I only had 4 lines.....i guess mine is bigger than yours :P

      I'm the first to accuse the two-line articles of being lazy, but given what MS is offering here, I think two lines is exceptionally generous.

    Seriously Kotaku? Could have been a better article than this.

      What additional information is it that you want from the article that isn't present?

        Could have at least included a short blurb about what Dead Rising 2 actually is and possibly a link to a review Kotaku did for the game.

    maybe a more pertinent question is :
    Why dont they do this for PSPlus? I mean, if they're going to do it, why not just do a monthly "Hey here's what you can get for free on your PS and on your Xbox."

    So much butthurt from 2 lines. I love it. Have to agree that it could do with boobs though

    I'm waiting for someone to post an 'article' titled, "Guess what today is..." and have the body saying, "Monday. That is all."

    soooo yeah. Please write an article with some details like, does xbox live come with free games now like PSN, Is this every month? Why should we have an xbox live account? what is the DLC exactly, etc... Come on at least have some links to the info if you are too lazy to write anything!!!

    I'm going to go against popular opinion and say that this doesn't really need an article.
    It's not journalism, it's just a heads up for everyone.

    Though not even free games will lure me back to Xbox Live's blackened teat.

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mafia 2, Spec Ops: The Line, Lego Lord of the Rings and When Vikings Attack! on PSN this month. Not sure why one warrants an article and the other doesn't, but there you go.

      Probably because Games With Gold is still a relatively new thing. PS+ got a bunch of articles whenever new free games were made available back when it was a new thing.
      I wouldn't mind them putting up articles for both on a regular basis though.

    Not really "this months titles". They're the titles for week 3-4 of this month.

      And the pluralisation of 'title' isn't really accurate since its just a single game with a free add-on. Also, it's been free for two days already. Also, Crackdown would also be considered one of 'this month's free games but it's no longer on offer.

        Actually, Case Zero is not an "add-on", it's a standalone XBLA title.

    Played Dead Rising 2 for about 1 really bored and frustrated...back to Fable 3 and Assassins Creed 2 I go!

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