Game Loading: A Docu Focusing On Melbourne's Indie Scene Got Funding On Kickstarter

Game Loading isn't solely about the rise of Melbourne's independent development scene, but it does play a huge part. We've covered the project before, when it was first announced and later last week when it raced towards the finishing line of its Kickstarter campaign.

Now I'm happy to report that Game Loading did make its funding deadline, meaning that the documentary will go ahead as planned.

The project has 61 hours left on Kickstarter, but finally ticked over its $50,000 target over the weekend. It's currently sitting at $51,124 at time of writing. All that's left now is the process of filming, editing and putting together the whole thing! No biggie!

Melbourne based Lester Francois and his team have already put together a fair bit, but there's still work to be done. The Game Loading team are heading to PAXPrime and IndieCade in the US before shooting off to other countries in an attempt to explore the indie scene from a global perspective.

It's a huge project in terms of scope. We just want to wish everyone involved in the project good luck. I personally can't wait to see the end result.


    Great news!

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