Garden Warfare Introduces You To The Zombies (And Zombie Buttcrack)

Scientist, Soldier, Engineer and All-Star are PopCap’s take on the popular shooter classes in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, coming next year to Xbox One. The Zombies’ Engineer looks like a guy you don’t want to get behind either.

The game will feature online matches of up to 24 players, plus a four-player online cooperative mode. Xbox One, the first console to get the game, also will have a two-player split screen co-op mode exclusive to it, and something called “Boss” mode, a tactical view using Kinect and SmartGlass. You may see a video of that below.


    • Smartglass has a console with more power than the WiiU driving it AND there is no requirement for a proprietary, clunky and cumbersome controller when you can just use something that almost everyone nowadays has anyway; a tablet computer!

      • That’s the roses and gumdrop PR Version. The truth is, as with most companies, MS is throwing money at it. Sony and MS have a long history of saying, “You have to make sure your games has or does this!!” Sony did it when they told developers that all games required some kind of multiplayer and MS did it with the Kinect

  • Call me a cynic but I just can’t see people getting into this game hey, reminds me of gotham city impostors or something.

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