Gaze Upon This Awesome Retro Game LEGO Mosaic With Wonder

LEGO truly is an incredible thing. The original Minecraft you might say! The only limit is our shitty, shitty imaginations and — of course — the amount of LEGO bricks we own. It took 10,000 pieces of LEGO to create this retro SEGA/Nintendo mosaic. According to the creator that amounts to roughly $US2190 worth of LEGO.

The level of detail is incredible, but it's the accuracy that truly blows me away. They LEGO replica sprite models look perfect. I can't imagine how much work and time it took to get every single aspect of this thing as accurate as it is.

The creator of the mosaic is selling it on Etsy for $4000US. Seems steep, but when you consider the amount of LEGO used, and the labour, it's actually a bit of a steal.

What an insane piece of art.

lego nintendo and sega gaming mosaic art [Etsy]

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    That's quite amazing. Getting the colours right would be the hardest part, especially with Lego's fixed colour set. They kind of cheated though as pixel art is really easy to do if you treat a 4x4 block as a single pixel.

      Using pixels for pixel art of cheating?

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