Giant-Robot Call Of Duty Still Looking Like The Coolest Call Of Duty

Today's new trailer for the upcoming and final Call of Duty: Black Ops II expansion, Apocalypse, once again shows why the world would benefit from an old World War I trench warfare planes-and-blimps-and-giant-robot Call of Duty. Just look at this GIF we pulled from it!

It's from the map pack's latest co-op zombies mission, entitled Origins:

Giant-Robot Call of Duty Still Looking Like The Coolest Call of Duty

Apocalypse comes out first for Xbox 360 on August 27 and will trickle out to PC and PlayStation in the weeks to come.


    As i've noticed Treyarch has taken some maps from Blops 1 and redone them. I'm thinking launch is a remake of Stadium, which happened to be a DLC map, so that means they've redone old DLC and called it new DLC. I thought they old remade original maps :/

    Other than that Origins looks pretty good. Loving the WW1 guns.

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      and dig is a redo of a World at War Map

        Did not notice that one. They really should be giving these redone maps for free. I know they've done a lot to then but their not 100% new.

    Same with Summit - Uplink.. Exactly the same - includes every damn crate that offers cover. Anyone can reskin a map... If they are going to charge me full they better give us a new map.. It's aint' too hard to create a new from scratch. They still get to use the existing artifacts.

    I'm not really a COD player anymore, but I'll give that trailer a gold sticker purely because of Avenged Sevenfold.

    Dig is that Japanese map from World At War, I forget the name.

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