Gran Turismo 6 Will Launch On December 6 For PlayStation 3

The game will feature concept vehicles exclusive to Gran Turismo 6 made by several automotive and non-automotive brands alike. In some cases, these concept cars will be manufactured in the real world.


    lol if they ONLY release this on ps3 a weekafter PS4 release this game will flop harder then a magikarp

      Why? They've sold over 75 million PS3's. Unless they have the greatest launch of any product in history, the vast majority of those PS3 owners will not have bought a PS4 by the time GT6 comes out.

        Because maybe they have just spent all this money on a shiny new console and it seems strange to then pay for games you want on your previous console, or if they are in the same situation as I am where my PS3 is playing up (dying) so it's not worth spending any money for games on it anymore - wait till PS4 is out to buy new games.

        Just saying it's definitely not the smartest of business decisions to release it at that date unless ofcourse they manage to get it to ps4 compatibility I know myself and many friends who would perhaps buy it now wouldn't or cant (have a few friends with dead sonys who are just waiting on PS4 now)

          There's a PS4 version of GT6 coming later on anyway. :)

            "later on"

            MUCH later one..... it will take them at least a year to optimise their engine for the PS4's hardware, to the point it may just be GT7 by then.

            I've got a PS3, I'll be getting a PS4 at or near launch. I'll be picking up GT6 at launch, as well as still playing the multitude of awesome PS3 games still coming out [The Last of Us, Beyond, GTAV]

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