Grand Theft Auto V Mocks Republicans, Skewers Democrats

The creators of Grand Theft Auto have been lampooning the stupider parts of American society for years. With a new GTA around the corner, they're taking some new shots at the worst aspects of American political tribalism.

Above, a campaign video for the conservative would-be governor of GTA's version of California.

Below, the campaign video for the equally awful liberal would-be governor.

A couple of months ago, during a demo of the September 17 Xbox 360/PS3 game, a Rockstar rep told me that the series was adding a new joke left-wing side character to complement the Republican Space Rangers who've been in the series for some time.

Equal-opportunity parody? Or would you have preferred they took a side?

Both videos are part of Rockstar's virtual GTA V travelogue and were uploaded to YouTube by Games HQ Media.


    No, I would not prefer they took sides. Almost all politicians are as bad as each other. The political process is all just like a primary school popularity contest. Even the winner doesn't win. They'll more than likely fall victim to sabotage from within their own party.

    Glad they didn't take sides. Rockstar creates controversy with class. Simply taking one side or the other would only create endless article and forum trolling/rage. There would be no reasonable conclusion. It would serve no purpose for R* to give a political stance.

    Last edited 15/08/13 9:55 am

      Taking both sides for the illusion of 'fairness' is just false equivalence.

      As Bill Maher said on the Bill O'Reilly/Jon Stewart debate, the worst of both sides aren't even remotely comparable. While a handful of Democratic kooks believe George Bush was responsible for 9/11, half the Republican party believes Obama was born in Kenya or other outlandish shit (basically any time a conservative talks about rape). A bad Democratic president is well-meaning but spineless and incompetent. A bad Republican president is downright psychopathic and would punish the poor, minorities, gays, invalids, immigrants, women, etc.

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        I'm not sure what the f**k any of that has to do with my comment, the videos in the article, or R* lol.

    Country mocks Republicans, keeps electing Republicans. (Y)

    I guess by satirically mocking both parties they're taking the side of reasoned, logical political discourse - which I'm all for

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