Grand Theft Auto V's Gameplay Heritage Spans Manhunt And Midnight Club

Last week we saw a side-by-side comparison showing how the combat in Grand Theft Auto V compares to Max Payne 3. Another YouTube video examines other components and finds the DNA of titles ranging from Midnight Club to Manhunt.

The video, by FunWithGuru, points out the obvious similarities with Max Payne 3, but goes on to note how the driving will be more like a racing game, comparing it directly with Midnight Club Los Angeles.

Weapon selection is done by bringing up a wheel, a la Red Dead Redemption, and some mini-map/radar features were also seen in Manhunt.

YouTube video uploaded by FunWithGuru

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    How long do you think before this will be released on next-gen consoles?

      Well, they've said they weren't developing a version for the next gen consoles, but let's be hopeful and say mid next year

      Last edited 07/08/13 10:15 am

        Yeah it has to happen, right? That will be the most painstaking wait of my life.

      I wouldn't be too hopeful until you see a PC version at least. I would give it around six months at the earliest for that. Then possibly a year after that for next generation editions.

      I semi expect the PC version to be bundled with Red Dead Redemption, if it is going to happen.

        Seems pretty dumb to release this around the same time the next gens are launched on the previous gen only. Have an Xbox One on pre order and am going to have enough trouble finding the time to play all the new games on that let alone kicking out the old 360.

          Use the hdmi in port on the back to plug your 360 in. That way at least you'll be playing GTA V "through" your X1. And hey its as close to backwards compatible as they are gonna get!

          Its not dumb really when you think about it, there are 140million PS3+360's around the world. GTAV will do incredibly well without next gen versions, plus its coming out at lest two months before X1 and PS4 and was originally planned to come out in may.

    San Andreas included some of that plus the manhunt stealth/takedowns etc. So this isn't surprising.

    However what we're seeing is a lot of experimentation over the years culminating in what looks like the sweetest GTA experience so far.

    I'm trying not to get exci...

    FUCK ME THIS LOOKS LIKE THE BEST GODDAMN GAME [email protected]#)(#@%$#(%)#%_)(#%_# SHUT UP AND TAKE MY.... wait EB already has it. Ok. *shrug*


      If you'd put money into a time machine, this wouldn't be a problem ... I wish I had a time machine

        Goddammit! Tell me NOW!?

        That's it we're building a time machine to go back and tell me last month...

    What gives me the squits is the scripted traffic during missions, Rockstar coding trucks to get in your way and crap, and not being able to actually blow up the target vehicle until you get to a certain destination (the mission where you chase the guys in the Super GT off the top of my head).
    That crap is cheap and lame and they should stop doing it.

    I really hope they have upgraded things like they said they have, otherwise V will look a lot like that game from 5 years ago... eg Lame crumple damage without losing body parts, poor tire tread and car badge resolution, shingled-look roof on what should be a smooth surface, color and detail-less guns that look like they were all carved from the same lump of black metal.
    They won't get away with this in 2013 so I hope they've pulled their head in.

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