Guy Hilariously Replaces Minecraft's Sound Effects With His Voice

Now, modding the audio in a game like Minecraft isn't so rare. But R2Bl3nd's custom sound effects — all of which are his own voice — are too fantastic not to share. Heck, it's hard not to laugh as you watch this.

This has been a work in progress since 2011, which means you might've seen something like this before — but now, it's finally done. There are so many sound effects that the video doesn't actually showcase all the sounds he's made. If it's of interest, you can download the sound effects here. Great work, R2Bl3nd!

Minecraft - All Sounds Replaced with my Voice (2013 Full Update) [R2Bl3nd]


    This reminded me of Stevespam for some reason:

    Sudden impulse to grab a horadric cube and wirts leg after hearing those cows.

    that just made my day gooderer

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