Here's A Game About Racing And Superheroes Screwing Over Each Other

Meet Speedrunners. It is a competitive multiplayer platformer set in a city with too many crimefighters and not enough crime. As one of them, your job is to get to the crime scene before the others do. And that is where the fun starts.

You see, the matches aren't just about getting to the destination. There are lots of different obstacles to deal with on the levels themselves, and there's, of course, the matter of the other heroes. That's where the multi-player aspect comes in. There are four players in total, and each of them is capable of using various power-ups and weapons to get in the lead. Think multi-player Mario Kart, only with less blue shells and more rockets.

SpeedRunners is currently on Steam as an early access game. You can check it out here — just be prepared to make a few enemies.

SpeedRunners [Steam]


    Looks fun, but I'm put off by Early Access, so much early access, everywhere.

    Looks like fun, I'll be getting this one. Early Access is no worry for me either, it's just another name for "beta" and I don't mind being a beta tester.

      I don't know, to me, early access sounds deceptive, when I first heard it I thought it meant the game was ready but just not released yet, but that's not the case, I'd be happier if they did just call it beta access or something.

    I'd love to see this with random map generation......

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