Here's The List Of Banned Questions For Hotline Miami 2

Here's a humorously long list of banned questions for Hotline Miami 2, straight from the developers' gamescom booth. It might have been a slightly less time-consuming to put up a list of allowed questions. Maybe next year!

In any case, the full list is below.


    I'd hate to see what you think is a short list of questions if this is a long list..

      1. How many questions do you think constitutes a short list?

        2. What is the word limit on a question?

    Based on the length of that humorously long list, you guys in the press sure don't get to ask a lot of questions these days.

    11 items does not constitute a 'long' list, nor does it make said list 'humourous'.

    I think, I got all the answers there:

    When is it out?
    Just like Duke Nukem forever: It's out when it's out!

    Why is it so hard?
    Because you are not playing it right.

    Isn't it a bit violent?
    If you think it is, maybe try Super Mario Land, or Helly Kitty island adventures.

    Do you like hurting people?
    Why don't you come over here and find out?

    Where is Fork Parker?
    For us to know, for you to find out.

    Why do you call it a sequel?
    Because it has a 2 in the title.

    Which story is the true story, Jackets or Bikers?

    Why is it in pixel graphics?
    So you got something to ask.

    Was drive a big inspiration for you?

    Why are you drinking beet at 9:30 in the morning?
    We don't see any reason not to.

    Can I take a picture of this?
    You probably already did.

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