Here's Guillermo Del Toro Looking At A Giant Gundam

Here's Guillermo Del Toro Looking at a Giant Gundam

Movie director Guillermo Del Toro is in Japan to promote Pacific Rim. He had a big day out in Tokyo that was filled with ice cream and giant mecha. It looks like the best day ever.

In this clip from Japanese morning television, you can see Del Toro enjoying, as he calls it, "fat otaku heaven" as he checks out the sights with Pacific Rim stars Rinko Kikuchi and Mana Ashida. Del Toro even talks about how Gundam inspired the movie's mecha.

Here's Guillermo Del Toro Looking at a Giant Gundam

If you are not a fan of Del Toro's after seeing this, you should be! The man seems delightful.

Guillermo, Rinko, Mana on Odaiba Tour [kiyosu [email protected] via Alafista]


    Guillermo seems like such a nice guy.
    Looked liked all his dreams came true at once xD

    Ahhh I miss Japanese TV. There's always something interesting on TV, especially in winter when they replay all the old Samurai serials from the 70s/80s. Can't wait for my pilgrimage next year ^_^

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