Here's How This Xbox One Exclusive Will Do Microtransactions

Here's How This Xbox One Exclusive Will Do Microtransactions

Hopefully the news that next gen will have microtransactions in it isn't actually, uh, news to you: the practice of charging money for an in-game bonus has practically become an industry standard. Of course some next gen games will have it!

Still, we haven't heard the specifics of what some next gen games will try to sell us via microtransactions...but that's changing. VideoGamer reports that Ryse — which you might remember as the Roman Empire action game exclusive to Xbox One where you can 'mash to mastery' — will in fact include microtransactions. Here's how it'll work according to a Microsoft producer:

"When we talk about the progression system for multiplayer, it's armour-based," said the producer.

"The way that you get armour is very similar to how you get it in like Mass Effect or FIFA. You only earn gold while playing multiplayer [and] you use that gold to buy booster packs. Those booster packs contain random sets of loot. Based on the different tiers of loot that you get - whether you buy Bronze, Silver or Gold Packs - guarantees whether you get rare or common items.

"One of the things that we did a little different is that you can buy them with in-game currency and real world currency. The difference is that if you're close we also have small microtransactions.

"Say for instance a gold pack costs 15,000 gold, [and] you've only got 12,500 you can actually buy the difference and only spend a little bit to make it go to a Gold Pack. So we offer some variety there."

You can read the rest of the interview here, where the producer explains how players will be able to grind and customise gear in-game.

It's all fine by me, as long as it's optional, but — what do you think, would you purchase something like this? Does its existence bother you?

Ryse has microtransactions [VideoGamer]


    I'm still on the belief that microtransactions should not be needed for a full priced game.

    Selling your game at half price? Yeah sure, I'll let it go.

    Paying for random loot drops... oh boy, that just makes me want to rush out and preorder it right now.

    Christ, that was the one thing I really hated about Mass Effect 3...

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      Ditto. I don't really like the idea of these sorts of microtransactions in these sorts of games, but it's the RNG nature that really sets me against them. Paying real money for the chance to get the unlock you want is just bull.

    I hate when they add options to buy it instead of earning it in game. Someone with lots of money can just go ahead and buy these packs, while the rest do it the slow way by earning the in-game currency. I really dislike micro transactions.

      I hate it when they add options to earn it instead of buying it in game. Someone with lots of time can just go ahead and earn these packs...

      I could have kept going but I was getting over it. Seriously man, if you don't like them. Don't use them.

      I have money to spend in games. I don't have time to spend in games. I'm not a teenager anymore. You'll find this is the case for a lot of people.

        Your point definitely make sense. Having to work 5 days a week 12 hours a day and spend the rest of the weekend with family there is just no time to "farm" or grind for equipments.

        But I do understand wagzy's point as well that we used to do special stuff ingame for unlocks. If it were "Play 100 games to unlock Gladiator Helmet or pay 1.99", Hell I would rather pay then play that 100 games.

        Small micro is okay but crazy micro ruins stuff. We Australians already got ripped off in terms of DLC price. 0.99 in US 1.99 in Australia. Logic just doesn't apply to that.

        First time Crytek implementing a micro-transaction so it would be safe to see how it goes. I doubt any company can go as bad as EA in terms of micro-transactions

          Then it becomes a matter of balance (which never happens, because they would rather you spend that dollar) between work vs reward vs time/money.

        These always existed in games before micro transactions and they were called cheat codes. Don't have the time to earn something? Cheat.

        Do you feel better about yourself if you have to pay for the cheat? Micro transactions is just the monetization of cheat codes and they should never be supported.

          I do feel better about myself knowing I don't have to grind endlessly for hours and hours just so I can play a game or two with the weapons I want to every now and again.

            I meant as in paying for cheats vs using them for free like we used to.

            Im not saying that you shouldn't be able to do what you want with a game you bought, I'm saying it should be free to cheat like the old days.

            Imagine if the Konami code cost 5.99.

      As long as they make them obtainable with real money in a reasonable amount of time like ME3 I don't mind it too much. I'm definitely not a fan of it but you know, they are businesses with the intention of maximizing profits.

    This sort of randomized stuff is annoying enough when the game is free.

    This pisses me off, if the game is free sure have some cosmetic micro transactions or do it like League of legends.

    The second you try and charge full AAA retail for a game and then add bullshit like this, i hope you go bankrupt so that your evil filth doesn't spread anywhere else.

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    hehe like this game was want-able to begin with

    I don't play much multiplayer on consoles so I'm not fussed. What I don't like about this was what you covered and the whole button mashing kill moves which aren't actually affected by whether you hit the right or wrong button or even not pressing anything.

    Why do you need to buy armour in a game that plays itself?

      If you're referring to the "button mash kill everything" thing.... it's basically a noob setting, no normal person would play it on that level.

    This game just keeps getting worse and worse. I'm liking to stop being friends with anyone that purchases it.

    I have no issue with eye-candy IAPs as long as you can play the full game in all aspects as it was intended without IAPs.

    I love the thrillof opening a booster in ME3.....doh damn you I just added ryse to my day one list

    Someone's downvoting people expressing their dislike for the game, how strange.

    I agree with Neo Kaiser up there, microtransactions for a full price game is pretty disgusting.

    This game certainly won't ryse to the top of my lists, that's for sure.

      almost as strange as up voting people for disliking a game lol

    I have no problem with a full game having a little extra, you're only paying for a short cut that's optional.

    I don't think they could make this game less appealing to me now.

    I don't enjoy QTE, this game is all QTE. The QTE doesn't matter anyway. And now microtransactions for what is essentially gambling. So does that mean this game is now automatically an R rating as minors can't gamble?

    Will it have game contains real money gambling on the box? To go with it's High Impact Violence?

      maybe they'll have an option to purchase traditional controls instead of QTEs.

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