Here's Where You Can Stick Your Disney Infinity Toys

Just as Power A did with Skylanders, gaming peripheral makers PDP have teamed with Disney to give Infinity gamers a place to put their toys when they aren't using them. Here's a quick look at what storage PDP has in stores.

My favourite product of the line has to be the figure display cases ($US14.96 for three). As a long-time toy collector, I believe every action figure on store shelves should have a handy case hanging on the peg next to it.

My least favourite is that damn tube — the Power Disc Capsule ($US9.96). Kids might dig the shape and style, but when you're sorting through piles of plastic discs, something like the Power Disc Album ($US9.96) seems much more practical — you can actually see the labels and everything.

The Base Protector ($US9.96) is neat, but using it means you can't use the much cooler Play 'N Store ($US19.99).

The Infinity Play Zone ($US39.96) is just insane.

Here's Where You Can Stick Your Disney Infinity Toys

All of these are available just about everywhere Disney Infinity is sold. There might even be Amazon links hidden in the text of this article for canny readers to find.


    After reading the title "Here's Where You Can Stick Your Disney Infinity Toys", I'm surprised there wasn't a goatse image

      lol you me both. Kinda disappointed it wasn't that sort of article thou :p

    I have a [fragile] replica of the wood nymph from Fantasia 2000, with a flowering cherry tree. What would you recommend I use to store / display that?

    I hate to think my beloved Jedi will be apart of all this one day :(

      one day?.... man i'd be suprised if it doesnt coinside perfectly with the next movie release.

      Last edited 21/08/13 8:54 am

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