Here’s Your Xbox One Wireless Racing Wheel, Forza Fans

Here’s Your Xbox One Wireless Racing Wheel, Forza Fans

The launch of the Xbox One in November brings with it Forza Motorsports 5, and as nice as the new game pad’s haptic feedback is, racing fans are going to need something meatier. Something with force feedback and foot pedals and genuine suede leather. Oh hi there, Mad Catz Force Feedback Racing Wheel for the Xbox One.

I’ve got no price, no release date other than Christmas 2013, and no real desire to spend hours trying to play Forza 5, but some primal part of me wants this inside my apartment, preferably away from the kids. With twin next generation force feedback motors and a CNC anodised aluminium wheel face, which can be removed from the base for future upgrading, this makes me drool quite a bit.

Here’s Your Xbox One Wireless Racing Wheel, Forza Fans

Did I mention it ships with an adjustable pedal set? It ships with an adjustable pedal set. You can tweak the spring resistance and pedal height and spacing.

Here’s Your Xbox One Wireless Racing Wheel, Forza Fans

The Mad Catz Force Feedback Racing Wheel for the Xbox One should be shipping around the time Forza 5 comes out. It will probably cost a billionty-five dollars.

Here’s Your Xbox One Wireless Racing Wheel, Forza Fans


  • Interesting. I’d be more keen to hear about the internals than what it looks like, though.

    In saying that, its nice to see that it’s force feedback, and connected to… something. Unlike that abomination of a ‘wheel’ they released for Forza 4

  • Looks a little flimsy. Very well might not be but it just doesn’t look very solid. Too many skinny bits and detachable parts.

    • Its strange how flimsy these things are built.

      I had a MOMO racing wheel, SOLID construction but the mounting bracket was its weak point, it was 2 parts screwed together, but where the screws went from the bottom to the top it was only 5mm thick… so one sharp turn playing Collin McCrae 2 and i snapped it clean off 🙁

      i’d only had it for 3 weeks, and its been pretty much useless since.

      • I’ve got one of the Logitech Drivingforce GT wheels and its pretty solid. Did a really good job and held together well until I lost the power cable for it.

  • I though the Official Xbox 360 wheel was great, but I’m not an expert in these things.

    That said, it’s been gathering dust since I moved to an apartment which is totally inappropriate for it about 6 years ago.

  • Love the CSR wheel, looking at this there is no clutch or 6 speed/sequential shifter but depending on price this may be a sale

  • With some new supercars and F1 cars having gearboxes with 7 or even 8 speeds most shifters only have 6 speeds and also just imagine playing an F1 game with clutch and a H pattern shifter.
    Although a shifter would be great for the wheel if you love racing classics in forza 😀

  • No separate shifter means I don’t think it will be as expensive as you may fear.

    Looks good though. I get sucked in by every new generation racing game, play the hell out of it for a week, then never touch it again. Will I buy Forza 5? Yep.

  • As far as I’m concerned one of the most important things about a wheel is how far it will turn.

    The other problem is all these wheels practically need something to be built to mount it on.

    I really think wheels need to become modular. Buy a basic wheel, or the deluxe pack with an Accelerator and Brake pedel. Than buy an upgrade that allows you to plug in a shifter and maybe even a Clutch pedal. Maybe undo a few screws and unbolt the wheel so you can replace it. The problem with this is wheels are a niche market, but if your basic system worked with XBone, PS4 and PC you’d be able to at least sell it to everyone. The idea of upgrading your wheel (and just the wheel not the box behind it) and a new shifter becomes more appealing when your keeping the most expensive part.

  • I’ve got the logitech g27 I hope this works with ps4 as it has everything H shifter, Paddles, brake, clutch, accelerator, easily mounts to a table but get really uncomfortable/crampy really needs a good race seat set up just no room for it lol

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