Hey, Japan, Sorry For That Stupid Napoleon Dynamite Title

Hey Japan, Sorry for That Stupid Napoleon Dynamite Title

When Napoleon Dynamite was released in Japan way back in 2006, it wasn't called Napoleon Dynamite. It had a dumb name. Because of that, in 2013, there are apologies.

Instead of Napoleon Dynamite, the flick's title was Bus Man (バス男 or "Basu Otoko"). The name and even the movie's poster art were supposed to ride on the coattails of Train Man, a web yarn that was turned into a book, a movie, and a TV series.

Among movie fans, the Bus Man moniker was even called the "the worst localised title in Japan," movie site Pia (via Yahoo! Japan) reports. The poster and the DVD box art did have the words "Napoleon Dynamite" on them, but that was not the movie's title.

Hey Japan, Sorry for That Stupid Napoleon Dynamite Title

The Japanese Napoleon Dynamite box art features a similar style font that was used for Train Man. For Train Man, similar fonts were used in the book, feature film, and the TV series to give the franchise strong branding. The Napoleon Dynamite poster also featured Japanese net slang that was peppered throughout Train Man and made it seem like the bus was central to the film.

Hey Japan, Sorry for That Stupid Napoleon Dynamite Title
Hey Japan, Sorry for That Stupid Napoleon Dynamite Title

This October, Napoleon Dynamite is once again going on sale in Japan, but as Napoleon Dynamite.

And get this, 20th Century Fox is packaging the movie with a sleeve wrapping with an "official apology" that reads: "It was truly inexcusable for us to take advantage of an opportunity at the time and to give the movie such a title."

Bus Man, no, Napoleon Dynamite once again goes on sale in Japan on October 2.

"日本一最悪な邦題"がタイトル変更。フォックスが公式謝罪 [Yahoo! Japan]

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    I remember people bitching about the dumb name. The most cynical marketing in forever.

    Japanese marketing is absolutely ridiculous. I saw a giant building-side poster the other day for "Wild Speed: Euro Mission" (aka Fast & Furious 6). Half the poster had the actual cast of the movie. The other half had the Japanese comedy rock band Golden Bomber dressed in racing suits standing in front of Peugeot race cars, with "Golden Bomber go to Hollywood??" written underneath. They have absolutely NO connection to the movie at all aside from being involved in the Japanese marketing campaign. Absolutely bizarre.

      That's not just Japanese marketing. Using local names to promote foreign material is a common practice in all countries

    Just want to say I hate Napoleon Dynamite.

    "Hey, Japan, Sorry For That Stupid Napoleon Dynamite movie"


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