Hey Look, There Are More Mega Evolved Pokemon. Including, Yes, Fairies

Oh yes, there's more. Last week we saw the reveal of mega evolved Pokemon, like Mega Mewtwo and Mega Blaziken. Today, Nintendo released footage of a few more Mega Evolutions: Mega Ampharos, Mega Absol, Mega Mawile....plus, there's footage of Mega Kangaskhan from this weekend's Pokemon World Championships.

If nothing else, many Mega Pokemon have some fab hair, eh? What shampoo do you think they use?

Kangaskhan may not have amazing hair, but it may be the coolest Mega Pokemon revealed thus far just by virtue of having the baby Kangaskhan come out of its pouch. It can even attack twice! Check out the reveal from this weekend; this footage which was captured by Nugget Bridge:

So! Here's some details on these new Mega Pokemon, straight from the official Pokemon website. When Ampharos mega evolves, not only does it gain white fur, but it also becomes the dragon type. That means, when mega evolved, it's electric-dragon type. It'll also gain the ability "Mould Breaker," and because of the type change, gain STAB from dragon moves (same type attack bonus).

Hey Look, There Are More Mega Evolved Pokemon. Including, Yes, Fairies

Mega Absol, meanwhile, merely gains higher speed and attack, in addition to the "Magic Bounce" ability.

Hey Look, There Are More Mega Evolved Pokemon. Including, Yes, Fairies

When Mawile mega evolves, it gains the ability "Huge Power," and its defence and special defence increase. EDIT: I initially wrote that it turned into the fairy type, but it already is the fairy type in X & Y.

Hey Look, There Are More Mega Evolved Pokemon. Including, Yes, Fairies

And in case you're lost: Mega Evolutions refer to temporary power-ups which Pokemon can receive during battle.


    You have no idea how excited this 31 year old father is.
    (no my son isn't old enough to play yet)

    Say hello to the 2014 World Championship line ups.

      Doubt it. Because the Pokemon needs to hold their 'megastone' it means they lose the advantage of things like Choice Band/Specs and Leftovers. They're most likely going to see in-game use and little competitive use.

        Unless the increases are significant.... I still don't think its very likely though.

          There's a chance, but I think it'll be more for the unexpected changes. I'm more interested in whether or not these mega-evolutions allow for Eviolite to be valid on the base forms. If so, welcome your new master overlord, Bulky Mewtwo.

        I don't know; the ability to attack twice seems like a pretty big bonus. Besides just doubling attack power, it also lets you do 2-stage moves without interruption. If all the other bonuses from Mega evolutions are just as good, these things are going to be beasts.

    Yeezus, I have never been more excited for a Pokemon release. How the hell is it going to work here in Aus though, when the 12th falls on a Saturday?

      As someone who's worked in games retail, Nintendo are known for having weird release dates.

      Also, the 12th is a Saturday everywhere... :)

      Hold up, you realize the 12th is Saturday everywhere... right?

        Good point, lol. I dunno, I've never heard of a game being released on a weekend.

          Nintendo actually commonly releases their titles on a weekend in America and DragonQuest is released on a Saturday by request of the Japanese government (due to the ridiculous disruption to work and school activity DQ launches cause otherwise) :)

      Guessing the same way fire emblem worked?

    Why did they make Ampharos like that? Doesn't fit it at all

      I feel the opposite, I never liked how it lost any indication that it used to be a sheep. But then again I am a Kiwi so make of that what you will.

    Lol megaKangaskhan, took me a few seconds to realise what was different. I'm kinda disappointed that its appearance stayed the same, but that double attacking might come in handy!

    I use ampharos and I think the mega update looks cool, but what's with the dragon type? According to bulbapedia he doesn't learn a single dragon type move and he is not compatible with any dragon type TMs.

    Someone needs to photoshop some sunglasses and a guitar onto Mega Ampharos.

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