How Perks Will Work In Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Today, Infinity Ward revealed a bevy of new Call of Duty: Ghosts features. Not only is the game getting playable female soldiers in multiplayer, there's also some changes to perks.

Perks have a point system which limits what you can equip, while still giving you room to customise how you want to play. The game also features a bigger number of perks than previous Call of Duty games.


    I HATE how Kotaku just links videos in what's supposed to be an informative article. I can't watch videos at work; I've clicked this link to read what changes have been made, but obviously I'm going to have to look elsewhere once again.

    Lazy, lazy, lazy "writers".

      100% agree. Getting tired of all the articles turning into video fests with no writing to back it up! I can't see videos at work, just gimme the info! >:(

      Lazy writers?

      uhh... shouldnt you be umm, I dont know... working? Since youre at work?

      Terrible, terrible, terrible "employee".

        Do you know the specifics of my job? No.

          I'm going to go out on a limb and guess its probably not sit on the net reading gaming articles?

          If I'm mistaken, apoligies, otherwise...

        Some people can work and read articles at the same time. For instance right at this moment I'm waiting in line to file documents at the Supreme Court. Plenty of time to peruse a written article, video would be inappropriate. Completely agree with cruXis.

      Totally agree man, all these COD "articles" are just video links. I quick summary would be fine, no need to go in depth even.

      I agree, but I'm pretty sure that most videos tend to be followed up with an article (for instance they have put 3 videos up in quick succession for CoD, but I imagine they will do a summary of it all in word format soonish - hint, hint.)

    Completely agree.

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