How To Get Software Developers Out Of Bed

How to Get Software Developers Out of Bed

Mornings suck! At one Japanese company, the software developers kept coming in after noon. But now there looks to be a solution: food and aerobics.

At Tokyo-based Dwango, software developers, who work on its tech platform and who make Wii U and PS Vita apps roll in after noon, were chronically coming in late to work.

Dwango was originally an online gaming service in the U.S., but has since become a Japanese tech giant, famous for its Nico Nico Douga service.

According to CNET Japan, company honcho Nobuo Kawagami, who's also a Studio Ghibli producer, came up with an idea: Bring in a team of aerobics coaches and have them lead the software developers in morning exercises — "morning" meaning 10:30am!

How to Get Software Developers Out of Bed

Staffers who participate get a free lunch, which looks a little fancier than what is in the cafeteria, and a stamp card. Dwango is considering offering a prize to those who don't miss a day of exercises and fill up their stamp card.

The idea is to help get the developers on a regular schedule, and seemingly, to perhaps prevent them from staying up all night working. The morning exercises start next Monday. If lots of staffers participate, then Dwango will continue with the program.

How to Get Software Developers Out of Bed

Morning exercises were common at more Japanese companies in the past. Today, there are companies that continue the tradition. This one, however, formed a squad of coaches and is enticing nights owls to start their days earlier.

ラジオ体操で弁当もらえる「女子マネ弁当」 — ドワンゴがエンジニアの早起き支援 [CNET Japan via Asahi]


    I want a job where they bribe me to come into work on time instead of, you know, firing my ass

    I assume they were coming in late because they were working all night because... Japan.

    The first pic: "This is a robbery, y'all put your hands in the air and everything'll be fine!"

    Don't the Japanese usually work fairly late hours anyway? So they're just getting them to rock up even earlier and keeping them staying longer.

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