How Ubisoft’s The Crew Is Actually A Lot Like An RPG…

How Ubisoft’s The Crew Is Actually A Lot Like An RPG…

I don’t understand cars. I can change a tire. That’s about as far as it goes. But I understand people’s in-game love of car customisation. I understand the fun and power that comes from tweaking gear and seeing the end result of that change. In a sense — car games are just like any RPG you can name.

I suspect that will be the allure of Ubisoft’s The Crew. That ability to tinker and then see the results.

When I first saw The Crew at E3 I sort of just switched off. I like racers, but many of the pillars of this game’s design went right over the top of my head. The online features, the tinkering. These are the kinds of things I tend to zip past when I’m playing, but this dev diary does a good job of explaining how it all hangs together and, more importantly, how it affects the core gameplay. So, as a result, The Crew is starting to seem a lot more appealing to me. And a lot more ‘next-gen’ — as toe curlingly cringeworthy as that sounds!


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