How Ubisoft's The Crew Is Actually A Lot Like An RPG...

I don't understand cars. I can change a tire. That's about as far as it goes. But I understand people's in-game love of car customisation. I understand the fun and power that comes from tweaking gear and seeing the end result of that change. In a sense — car games are just like any RPG you can name.

I suspect that will be the allure of Ubisoft's The Crew. That ability to tinker and then see the results.

When I first saw The Crew at E3 I sort of just switched off. I like racers, but many of the pillars of this game's design went right over the top of my head. The online features, the tinkering. These are the kinds of things I tend to zip past when I'm playing, but this dev diary does a good job of explaining how it all hangs together and, more importantly, how it affects the core gameplay. So, as a result, The Crew is starting to seem a lot more appealing to me. And a lot more 'next-gen' — as toe curlingly cringeworthy as that sounds!


    Super super excited for this game, for the exact reason you're talking about.

      Same. Waaay more excited about this than NFS Rivals. Getting rid of car customisation was one of the stupidest things they ever did to NFS :(
      Also, the open world in this looks massive.

        They are bringing back car customisation in Need for Speed Rivals and from what I have seen it looks pretty good.

    Ah, forgot about this one. But I did enjoy what I saw during E3

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