I Can’t Get Over How Pretty This Zombie Game Looks

I Can’t Get Over How Pretty This Zombie Game Looks

These five new screenshots for Dying Light, Dead Island developer Techland’s upcoming free-running zombie survival game, were released by Warner Bros. accompanying an announcement about the game’s competitive “Be The Zombie” mode.

This multiplayer game mode, which will only be available to pre-order customers at release, will feature Night Hunters — extremely strong and agile zombies who use special tendrils to quickly move around the environment. “Be The Zombie” will let players, as Night Hunters, hunt each other down and level up their zombies.

Dying Light is coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC next year. Until then, we have some beautiful screenshots to marvel at. They’re below.


  • Who locks off a multiplayer mode to pre-order customers? Way to establish a player-base morons

  • I am finding it really hard to care about any game with zombies in it at the moment… even if it looks good.

    • Zombie games are still alright….they just need to push the envelope a little harder, try some different things….I would play a game where I was a zombie and I had to compete with all the other zombies to eat the ever dwindling supply of fresh people.

      • It didn’t have multiplayer, but if you want a game that let you eat fresh people as a zombie there was the pretty awesome ‘Stubbs The Zombie’ which came out a few years ago now …

    • Finally took a break from GTA V to finish Dead Island the other day. Next – Red Dead Redemption

  • I am hoping so much that this game is good and doesn’t have the clunkiness and glitches of dead island. I looks so good.

  • I do love the look of the graphics, but after seeing the gameplay last month,
    there’s no way in hell I’m going to be playing this. It just doesn’t look fun to me. 🙁

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