I Guess Miley Cyrus Owns An Ouya Now

I Guess Miley Cyrus Owns An Ouya Now

Everyone's talking about the twerking/Blurred Lines performance from yesterday's MTV VMAs, but here's a different funny detail: the gift bags that celebrities got last night? One of the things included is an Ouya console according to Mashable.

There's other hilarious inclusions, of course — spot the 'ENDING ADDICTION FOR GOOD'? Or the chocolate syrup? Man, what a random assortment of items to give to someone. It's all stuff from local Brooklyn business, though.

MTV VMAs: Seating Chart and Celebrity Gift Bags Revealed [Mashable via Wario64]


    lol... so now they're giving them away before backers have them.

    Keep it classy Ouya.

    Guess they have to move ouya units somehow

    I guess we know where all the consoles that were supposed to go to original backers went

    Is that a book in the background called guy code. Thanks for that link though the GIFs of her dancing/twerking/whateverstupidnamepeoplemakeforthingsthesedays made me laugh

    hilarious inclusions? What about the shower head and the thing for taking "Epic Selfies"?

    Chocolate Syrup dipped lentil snaps are the best....

    Well, everyone else is posting about Miley Cyrus, why shouldn't we? What? What do you mean its not relevant, DON'T YOU SEE THAT OUYA?! That plays games! It was given away to guests of an award show THAT MILEY CYRUS WAS AT! There fore, we can assume Miley Cyrus now has an Ouya, SO THATS WHAT WE MAKE THE HEADLINE. See, totally relevant!

    Last edited 28/08/13 8:30 am

    Holy sweet christ did you see the size of that tongue? That there is evidence of some sort of alien lizard/anteater creature illuminati shit right there... Secretly trying to take over our planet...

    HUUUGE TONGUE!!! Cows and Horses would be jealous....

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