I Want Someone To Do This With Video Game Guns

This is a cool exhibition of sorts that focuses very specifically on guns wielded by folks in the movies and it looks fantastic — there are Star Trek phasers, the Dirty Harry Magnum, Han Solo's Blaster. These are incredible photograph's (I think) focusing on some of the most enduring weapons in popular culture. I think someone should do this, except with video game weapons.

I'm thinking Doom's BFG, the Klobb from Goldeneye, Halo's Pistol — stuff like that. In first person shooters we can spend hours looking at a gun just bobbing in the periphery like a disembodied limb. Shouldn't we be fetishising weapons in this manner as well?

Actually, when you put it like that, this whole thing is a little bit weird.

But it's still cool. Just admit it.

Head here to check out more!


    Play Farcry3: Blood Dragon for the Robocop gun

      Play Fallout: New Vegas for the Blade Runner gun.

    Huh, Robocop one reminds me of a MagSec 4.

      i think it was a modified beretta 92. and i think the pic has been flipped

      Last edited 09/08/13 3:29 pm

        The MagSec 4 pays homage to robocop and robocop uses a modified Beretta 93R "raffica"

    A random fact for anyone interested, Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) just released his second Metal album a few months back (Charlemagne: The Omens of Death)

      His Christmas single got many rotations in my playlists at Christmas funnily enough

    Robocop's gun looks badass even today

    Reminds me of Borderlands, where i would love to look at all the guns in Inspection mode to see all the detail on them.

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