I Wish This 16-Bit Blade Runner Game Existed In Real Life

If Blade Runner existed as a 16-bit video game, I like to imagine it would look a lot like the above video by CineFix. Of course a Blade Runner game on the SNES/Mega Drive would be a Shadowrun-esque isometric RPG. Of course.

This is really, really good. And it makes me want to watch Blade Runner again. And play Shadowrun.


    Wow, it's amazing what you can do in 16-bit style when you have creativity. I happened to watch once again Blade Runner a few days ago, and this is so spot on!

    It does exist! It's Shadowrun on the SNES and you should pull your finger out and go play it!

    There was a Bladerunner game on C64 - It was mostly a terrible side scrolling affair and I sunk way too much time into it - And it only got 39% as a score in good old ZZap. http://www.zzap64.co.uk/cgi-bin/displaypage.pl?issue=010&page=088&thumbstart=0&magazine=zzap&check=1

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