Dayshot: Saint's Row IV Glitches

I wouldn't be surprised if gameplay glitches like this in Saint's Row IV were completely intentional. If anything, they add even more chaos — in a good way, for those who are not satisfied with items like the Dubstep Gun — to what we already have.

Dayshot is an image-based feature that runs every day, showcasing some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    I wish I could actually play Saints Row IV.
    Even though it was gifted from a friend in South Africa, it's converted to the Aussie version and won't be out for weeks. :(

      try using a US VPN to install and see if that helps

    Remember here we parked!

    The Dubstep gun is kind of shit to be honest. The Vortex gun is where its at :D

    Upgrade the Dubstep gun with explosive Wubs and you basically have a rapid fire grenade launcher that sounds awesome! I love it. That said, the Vortex gun will destroy pretty much anything in one shot.

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