If Saints Row IV Is Delayed In Australia, Why Does This Photo Exist?

On August 16 Saints Row IV's Australian distributor All Interactive Entertainment posted the above picture on its Facebook page under the heading 'building Saints Row IV', meaning that copies of Saints Row IV were in an All Interactive Entertainment warehouse. On that very same day we reported that Saints Row IV was delayed in Australia, with some reporting 'production issues'. If there were production issues then why were copies of the game already in the distributors warehouse, ready to be sent to retailers?

There appears to a good explanation for this.

We contacted All Interactive Entertainment to ask why the game was being delayed, they refused to provide any official explanation, and merely stated that the game would be released in New Zealand on August 22.

Leaving us to draw the obvious conclusion: the images shown on All Interactive Media's Facebook page are not the censored Australian copies of Saints Row IV, they are regular copies en route to New Zealand.

Well, that would be the reasonable conclusion at least.


    Another possibility is that there's a serious print defect in a version of the game (possibly not 360) and they are sticking to an all platforms at once approach.

    That'd be my guess - someone stuffed up and accidentally sent the RC version to AUS

      If that is the case, then these cartons are sure to be wheeled away into a massive government storage facility, to be forever monitored by "top men"

    Alternative conclusion: The discs are fine, but the day one update hasn't been finished for the Australian version.

      No way.

      Not everyone has their console online so you can't enforce a day 1 update across every console in Australia.

      that would be quite intriguing as that would effectively mean any imported copies would like get patched as well.

    Maybe they are waiting for a quieter release week so they can maximise sales.

    I think they are simply trying to avoid releasing in the same period as a number of other big names because if they did the consumers will skip over the game for something else and fetch the game later from a bargain bin.

    Either that or they know no Aussie is going to put up with this classification bull**** and waiting for the dollar to go lower thus making imports less economical for some.

      GTA V comes out 5 days after this is going to be released.

        So it's been pushed back yet again, this is becoming a joke.

        Last edited 20/08/13 4:57 pm

      It's definitely not this. The new release date puts it within spitting distance of the release of its biggest direct competition: GTA V

    on the steam fourms its been said that the reason is becasue the board found more stuff that they want removed

    Day one patch to censor rude bits ain't ready yet. People forget that it takes weeks to pass through MS & Sony certification with these. If one bounces they have to hold all formats back until it's up to scratch. This game is destined to bargain bin territory given the new release window. Game over man!

    Idle, ignorant, uninformed thought:

    Something went wrong somewhere - legal, distribution, retailer, whatever, and it's at a stage of the process where they could name and blame, but it's been more politik for them to instead blame it on the nebulous 'production' which falls under their own banner and doesn't put any noses out of joint.

    Another possibility is the photo was bullshit and was used to generate hype.



      All I see is a bunch of boxes, which for all we know are empty. Cant see the contents of any of them

        From the link Mark gave:


          1) Why not use this pic then? Its more proof than the one above with the boxes

          2) There are no Australian classification labels on the spine of the cover - which for a game that has an "exclusive" Australian version, you think would be pretty obvious, right? They wont get European stock and sticker them with Australian rating labels (not for a game this big) - note the pic shows they are "PAL" stock, so this could be any European stock - and the image quality is so poor you cant read the writing on the labels of the box

          Any more pictures?

            No classification label on the spine............ the first thing I noticed too.

            These are either definitely not Australian stock, or this was the production error which caused the delay, and they want to ensure all stock that goes out is "stickered" or replaced with legal covers.


            This is the set of pictures from the distributors facebook page.

            Note that "Taken at All Interactive Entertainment, Auckland, New Zealand" was only changed an hour ago, as well as their comment saying it was the New Zealand distribution.

            I have no proof, but I could have sworn I saw Australia mentioned somewhere in this album when I looked at it yesterday.

            I'm not saying that these were originally for Aus and they changed it, but they might have misrepresented their photos, not thinking there would be a last minute delay.

    Or don't forget it could be the opposite they might delay it even further to not conflict with GTA V so close....

    So does this increase my chances of Splinter Cell breaking street date???!

    Or you could look at the location attached to the photos...
    "At All Interactive Entertainment, Auckland, New Zealand."

    Does the 'D' on the box stand for 'De-Classified'? Maybe you can only get this version with XCOM......

    I don't know if they are going to New Zealand. I ordered my copy from NZ and it left there this morning.

    EDIT: I'll take that back. The gallery didn't load properly for me so I didn't see the response saying that they were heading to NZ.

    Last edited 20/08/13 3:18 pm

    Hmm... if those are the RC version, en-route to New Zealand, it makes me wonder about the whole legal side of things - importing RC material is supposed to be illegal, so if it's been sent here on its way to New Zealand, do they have to get some kind of an exception to be able to do that, or what?

      These photos are taken in New Zealand from the "All Interactive Entertainment" warehouse in Auckland. You can see a couple of Maori women in the photos, which strengthens the likely hood that the photos are def taken in NZ.

      If these photos are taken in Australia to be distributed in NZ All Interactive Entertainment would have gotten dispensation to import the goods for transit purposes.

    They had to go through with an eraser and manually erase all the naughty bits from the game. Hence the delay.

    Either that, or protests from groups that include the word "family" in the title (you know the sort. The ones that jam the lines complaining about stuff they find offensive, but nobody else does)

    Or they are just empty boxes, I dont see any evidence that the game is in those boxes.

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