If NHL Logos Were Redone With Pokemon…

If NHL Logos Were Redone With Pokemon…

Then they’d probably look a little like these emblems created by benjamagnus — which are clever even if you don’t follow hockey stuff too closely.

And if you do follow hockey, you might even think some of these are better than the original logos! Personally, I’m a fan of the Detroit Red Wings’s logo reimagined with Pidgeotto above, and Brockhawks is just too good. Owen notes that the Columbus Bluedrills not only have a better logo than The Columbus Blue Jackets, but also have a better name. You be the judge, though:

Anaheim Mighty Psyducks

Boston Bruins + Ursaring

Calgary Flames + Rapidash

Carolina Ghastlycanes

Chicago Brockhawks

Columbus Bluedrills

Dallas Starmies

Nashville Predators + Raikou

Pittsburgh Empoleons

Tampa Bay Lightning + Pikachu

Vancouver Kynucks

You can view the rest here.

NHL Pokemon [imgur via Unreality Magazine]


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